4 Popular Online Marketing Platforms You Must Know in 2023.

The new year has already begun, marketers are ready to create cool online ads this year, and each social media platform has a purpose and the goal of the creators including different brands.

With this diversity, as a result, marketers should be familiar with a good tool to measure their results: ROI.


Let’s get to know the return on investment, or ROI.

Many people probably know the words because ROI is return on investment. This is used as a planning tool to choose to invest in things which will determine whether the investment is worth investing or not and see how quickly we can profit from such investments.

or, in another sense, it is the measurement that helps to compare the profit or loss with the initial value of the invested asset. For example, if a shop sells cosmetics at 1,500 baht per jar, its profit is 1,000 baht per jar, and using a marketing budget of 100 baht, we The ROI can be calculated as follows:

Return on Investment (ROI) = [(1000 – 100)/100] x 100 = 900%

The meaning of this example is that for every 1 baht spent, this shop will be able to make a profit of 9 baht.

Therefore, if we understand this ROI, it will help marketers decide where to invest on different platforms.


Let’s understand four interesting platforms to invest in for online advertising.

According to The HubSpot Blog’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report, gathered data from more than 1,200 marketers around the world, Facebook is the social media platform used to advertise products and services by 64%. Comes with 58% Instagram and 42% TikTok.

That means Facebook is the channel marketers plan to invest the most in next year which is higher than other channels.

However, each platform will have different advertising strengths. Let’s take a closer look at how online advertising will look next year, what adjustments should you make to match our brand.

  • Facebook: 93.3% of Thais using the internet have a statistic of penetration, but since it is a platform that has been around for a long time, a group of people aged 25–34 and the elderly use it quite a lot. This has made this platform popular across the country, including having to shoot an ad to stimulate access as well. As for the recommended content style, it is to write content to educate, make content in the form of an album post, writing content in the form of questions to invite comments writing content consistently, including live.
  • TikTok: There is a statistic of reaching 79.6% of Thai people who use the internet, and it can still be called the “hot platform” of the year. The main user group is Gen Z, which has interesting usage behavior; that is, it is a highly active platform with 90% of users opening the app multiple times a day. This is also suitable for online marketing, such as influencer marketing. As for the recommended content characteristics, videos, using trending songs or hit songs, TikTok, doing various challenges, and increasing the use of hashtags will make people want to watch and to relax the stress itself.
  • Instagram: There is a statistic about the access to the internet among Thai people who use it: 68.7%, of which the main user group is between 18 and 34 years old. This platform is suitable for marketing with an e-commerce strategy, focusing on organic engagement and using influencers to boost sales very well. Recommended content types are images, text, and videos that focus on inspiration and open up new experiences or use IG Story to do a poll or questionnaire to create higher engagement.
  • Line: There is a statistic that says 92.8% of Thai people use the internet, and when it comes to instant messenger platforms in Thailand, Line is still number one, with a high number of users and has been used for many purposes. Since it is used to communicate with friends, family, school and work, it makes it a platform that is always with Thai people. As a result, the group of users covers all age ranges, especially the 25-44 age group. This is suitable for marketing as a point collection area, communicating updates, spreading the word about the promotion and storing customers in a database. The recommended content style is sending various promotional messages or a special discount coupon.

Therefore, good advertising must be a plan, and you must consider whether the results are worth the investment or not. in order to help stimulate both sales and create a good image for the brand itself.

So, it can be said that advertising, in any form, requires business owners and marketers to pay attention to details. Think creatively with powerful words in order to communicate directly to the target group. Even under the limitations that exist on each platform to be able to create emotions, engaging and encouraging reasons for the final purchase decision.

If anyone is interested in doing online advertising on various platforms, but you still don’t know where to start. You can contact or ask for more information from HelloAds, an expert in online marketing.

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