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Google Adwords or Google Ads is an advertising service on various channels through Google ads such as Google Search that people often use and Google Display Network, a banner on websites or applications including an advertisement on Youtube that many people often see.

Google Adwords is an online advertising tool that helps you reach your target audience effectively.

It can be said that nowadays there is a competitive era of advertising such as Google Ads and online marketing in order to reach the target audience that has it all. Because no matter where we look, we will see ads everywhere. Google Ads or Google Adwords is the main tool that marketers use to advertise online on the network of Google, the world’s number one Search Engine platform where more than 99% of Thais go to find various information. In addition, the number of people who use Google to search for information in Thailand per month is up to 4 hundred million people. With an average of 13 million daily users, Google has become a large online marketplace and there are opportunities for each business to sell products or services through Google Ads until reaching our target audience even more.

Why is Google Adwords necessary?

At present, we believe that many people may have heard the word “If you do not know anything, just Google it.” It is undeniable that our lives always revolve around Google whether searching for information, watching various programs via Youtube or even buying products, especially in the era of online shopping trends that not only help entrepreneurs to reach a lot of customers ,but also help them to save rental costs. However, due to the high competition, it is difficult to appear on the top search result or on the first page of Google. Therefore, Google Adwords is important. Your website can be on the first page or at the top of the search results immediately by buying a fee per click. In other words, you will lose money every time a customer comes to your website. If the advertisement appears but the customer does not click into your website, you will not have to pay.

Although your business is promoted, but your store is so far away that customers feel burdensome to reach, it is still difficult to sell products or services because there is no one even people passing by or entering the shop. The online shop also follows this rule. Google Adwords will make it easier for people online to reach your store as if your store is located next to BTS, MRT or in CBD areas, which are considered as a good spot.

How does Google Adword service
help customers to become a market leader?

Google search results always come with Google Ads. From the statistics, it is shown that Google shows the results of 2.5 million websites in 1 second every day. If clients use our Google Adword service, their promoting channel will increase, resulting in the increase of Website Traffic as well as the visibility of the target audience and Sales.

Google Adword can also increase the profits of your client’s businesses. The more clients use Adword on Google, the greater chances a brand can generate Awareness and Sales because this will help the clients’ brand to beat the competition easier. Therefore, if your brand has not yet started doing Google Ads, you may not be able to keep up with your competitors.

To meet all the needs of our clients, our Google Adword service covers all Google advertising services from defining ad target audience, adapting the platform to suit the client’s inventory so that it is easier for people to approach your website, analyzing brand successful results, and increasing Sales opportunities while expanding the target audience around the world.

Shooting Ad Google ads to be on the first page with Adwords
How to create an advantage in marketing ?

HelloAds is an agency that accepts Google Ads to increase ROI for the target audience to reach our brand more than ever, including making the campaign more effective by turning every click into ROI for your business. It is well known that Google search result pages are always accompanied by Google Ads ads. When we search for something on Google, we will find that 2.5 million search results are displayed within 1 second. Google advertising is one of the ways to promote products and it helps to increase traffic to the website of a powerful brand. This gives you a great opportunity to gain an advantage in the market. You can also increase profits for your business by using Google Ads ads as your target audience has the opportunity to reach more products, services and brands than ever before. As a result, it helps to stimulate sales to soar even higher.

Therefore, buying Google Ads ads or shooting ads is an important factor in building a business and competing with competing brands at the same time. If your brand hasn't started online advertising or buying Google Ads nowadays, it's possible that your brand may not be able to keep up with your competitors. When Google Ads advertisements, it is necessary to keep up with trends and always learn to use new techniques of Google Ads advertisements in order to successfully reach the target audience and people who are interested in the product. The expertise in shooting ad ads or advertising Google cannot happen overnight. A period of study and experimentation is required.

HelloAds therefore has an Adwords service that meets all your needs. No matter what kind of Google Ads ads you want to advertise, what kind of content, we can do it for you. Because we are ready to be the first assistant that creates success for your brand.

What does Google Adwords Service

Google Banner Ads

For customers who want to build ‘Brand Awareness’ or want to make the brand known, a banner or a billboard on various websites or on various applications is the key because your brand will reach a lot of people and we can also select the target audience to be displayed so that your billboards or banners can send a message to people who are really interested in your products or services. Moreover, money will only be charged if the customer actually sees our banners or billboards or clicks that visit your website. Your expenses will be spent with quality more than billboards on the street.


Re-marketing is a technique that uses an advertisement to track customers who visited our website once but did not apply services or buy good products or got hesitated after comparing the products or services and forgot about the brand in order to bring back to their attention. Due to the fact that these groups of people have the potential to generate high engagement on the website because they are already interested in these products or services, reminding them about your brand so that they come back to look at your products or services again becomes important in the case that you want to focus on generating sales or engagement on the website.

Google Search Ads

Google Adwords is an advertising service on various channels through Google ads such as Google Search that people often use and Google Display Network, a banner on websites or applications including an advertisement on Youtube that many people often see.

Youtube Ads

We can buy search terms on Google to make our website or shop appear in the top of the search results of Google. If clients focus on creating engagement with the website, for example, if you want the target to come into the store, use the service, or buy your products, Google Search Ads is the best choice for you.


To do advertising, it is important to set the target and understand which phase of the advertising goal we are in: building brand identity, promoting or creating engagement and sales. If we understand and do advertising with purpose, we will be able to manage the budget effectively. For example, tf the customer is a new brand but does an advertisement that focuses on sales, advertising may not be very effective because according to the Business Funnel, if it is a new brand, the customer needs to create brand identity and build credibility for products and services first. Therefore, Youtube and Display Network will be more appropriate. If you are not sure which advertising service should be used for your brand, HELLOADS is happy to be your consultant and to guide you on how to do online advertising for free.


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