Facebook and Instagram are online platforms that are able to create brand strength and identity as well as spreading brand awareness widely in a short time through content, graphics and advertising.

Therefore, it is very important to create content and graphics that meet the target audience and promote them because no matter how good the content and graphics are, they will not be seen if they are not promoted. In Facebook Ads, the target audience can be chosen in various factors such as a group of people nearby, a group of people who like related subjects or an age range.

To promote if there is an analysis of which target audience to choose from a specialist together with using the advertising tools wisely, it will increase an opportunity to reach the target audience more. Thus, it is obviously seen that creative content and graphics have to go along with good Ads management to create the best performance.

At present, people spend most of their time on various platforms in the online world and when it comes to the top online platforms, it is undeniable that Facebook and Instagram are the very powerful ones that have a high number of users throughout the world, especially Thailand. Thailand was ranked as the 8th highest number of Facebook users in the world with 49 million users from a population of 68 million people. For Instagram, Thailand was ranked as the 14th most active in the world with 13.6 million active users. Based on statistics of social media users in Thailand at the Thailand Zocial Awards 2018, it was considered as a 24% growth over the previous year (2017). Therefore, it is not surprising that both large and small brands have turned their attention to online marketing.

Facebook and Instagram Ads have a strong point in creating ‘Brand Awareness’ and ‘Brand Loyalty’ which can affect sales because trading can be easily done if customers trust and feel confident in the brand or store. One of the factors that can make customers trust besides the content and graphics is the ‘Admin Page’. Admin page is a very important position. They have to be good at solving immediate problems and always be ready to take care of and help customers at all times. When the customer is satisfied, it can give the brand a positive image. In addition, the admin page also has an important role that can make sales for the brand because a general consumer’s shopping behavior will desire for a product in only a short period of time. However, if the admin page can provide complete product information and answer their questions quickly,there is a high opportunity to close the sale.

As you know, shooting Facebook ads and shooting IG ads requires expertise in buying Facebook ads or setting targets to promote products and services to our target audience to know, order and remember our products and services when seeing Facebook ads.

The important part of launching Facebook ads and shooting IG ads is setting Target, which is what allows us to shoot ads to anyone in the world as well. Location Targeting is choosing a location as one of the criteria for setting up an audience. Core Audience model that will help shoot Facebook ad ads to target groups in the area you want with detail and accuracy, including being able to apply in conjunction with other criteria In order to get the target group that is closest to what we want. We will also have a way to shoot Facebook ads and a way to shoot an IG ad that can get more effective results until it can help your brand reach more target groups and can help build Brand Awareness, including sales for your business as well.

For this reason, shooting ads is very important to business today. Because of the behavior of people spending more time in the social media world, if we want to encourage target audiences on different platforms to be able to reach more of our posts, therefore helps meet and create more advantages than doing other forms of advertising that we cannot specify the exact target group, which launching Facebook ads and shooting IG ads will help your ads appear to the target group that meets their needs effectively.

Facebook ad firing is the most popular advertising ad firing channel because Facebook ads have a huge number of users in Thailand and have a backyard system to shoot Facebook ads that can identify target groups. and behavior clearly, making launching Facebook ads suitable for all types of businesses.

IG ads launching is considered another way to shoot ad ads that will make your ads appear to the target audience who likes to play Instagram, which is the social media that has the most active users after Facebook. You can use the same tools as launching a Facebook ad.

HelloAds offers a service to shoot Facebook ads and shoot IG ads that meet your brand’s needs. Targeting is an important thing in creating Facebook ads and how to launch IG ads. We will do Market Research of the target group before starting to launch Facebook ads or IG ads. This will help your brand and products or services to reach a wider audience.



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