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For business, increasing sales channels is a key factor in increasing overall sales and profit growth for operators. At present more than 70% of internet users in Thailand are online shoppers. As a result, adding online sales channels has become another very interesting channel. However, wouldn’t it be better to have a professional like an influencer to promote your products and services for you because the survey found that 70% of people tend to follow at least 1 influencer and 76% are aware of promotions and make a purchase decision based on the influencer’s recommendation. This figure shows the effectiveness of influencer marketing as well.

Influencers are a brand's secret trump card to boost online sales.

As you know, influencers are the helpers of brands to help drive sales because it is undeniable that influencer marketing is one of the most powerful and influential marketing tools. As a result, brands and marketers pay more attention to the influencer market, which is reflected in the number of influencers increasing and the use of money through influencer marketing, a marketing tool that grows every year.

With the increasing growth of the influencer market, there are currently many groups of influencers to keep an eye on, such as Virtual Influencer or AI Influencer, a new type of influencer that has shaken the business world around the world from various programs that although there is no real flesh or body, but in the virtual world, they could be anyone do any kind of behavior or habit depends on the company or brand, creator, designer or food influencer, which is another group that is extremely hot, especially on Instagram, where food influencer or food influencer means a group of people who have influence in food reviews. and drinks to followers.

With the variety of influencers, how do we use influencer marketing to be popular?

For choosing influencer marketing to be popular, brands should choose to use influencers who have concepts and lifestyles that are consistent with the brand’s beliefs in order to get real content until it can successfully influence consumer purchasing decisions or turn them back into sales. You can choose 5 types of influencers that are divided according to the level of followers, that is, Nano Influencer (1,000 – 10,000 followers), Micro Influencer (10,000 – 50,000 followers), Mid-Tier Influencer (50,000 – 100,000 followers). people), Macro Influencer (100,000 – 1,000,000 followers) and Mega Influencer (1,000,000+ followers).

Currently, many brands are interested in the Nano Influencer, Micro Influencer and Macro Influencer groups because these three groups are able to persuade people very well, which if you are brand new If you want to make a large number of people to know your product in a wide range, it is better to use Macro Influencer in the beginning to get good results. But if you want people to engage with the brand, you should use micro-influencers to help strengthen communication to the next group of people, resulting in Like, Comment, Share and better persuade the target group. Nano Influencer is a group of people who have not many followers, but it has a good influence on convincing people to be trusted because it looks more realistic than that.

Why have to use the Influencer Marketing service with HelloAds?

Influencer Marketing is a marketing plan that combines old and new strategies by using influencers to advertise brand’s products or services through marketing campaigns that help promote sales to the target group successfully.

In addition, Influencer Marketing is one of the strategies that help to increase profits and boost sales by promoting through influencers. The right Influencer selection for the brand to create awareness and motivation to buy is very important. Sometimes you have to spend time searching and selecting the most suitable influencers.

HelloAds understands this difficulty, therefore, we have an extensive Influencer Marketing service that meets all needs, so your brand can create campaigns that reach a wider audience than ever before by taking care of the selection of influencers that are suitable for the brand image, the coordination between influencers and brands, the collaboration with the brand in planning key messages for promotion, follow-up, and evaluation the performance of each campaign, and the report covering all insight data for bringing the results to analyze and develop in the next campaign.

Besides, we also help select influencers that match your brand image. It can attract the target audience as well and estimate the results of Reach, Engagement, and Impression that you will get at a glance to make your campaign effective.

HelloAds is always evolving because we understand that Influencer Marketing is a marketing strategy that will not make brands obsolete even though the world is changing rapidly.

With the experience of HelloAds working with more than 1,000 influencers both national and international, it can assure that your brand will be treated with professional care every step to get the campaign results that you want, boost sales,and make a difference that is unique to the brand.

Why are Influencer & Key Opinion Leader (KOL) necessary?

There are many reasons why Influencer & Key Opinion Leader (KOL) are essential which depend on the technique and the purpose of the brand. HELLOADS would like to mention 3 main important reasons why they are important as follows.

1. Building Brand Awareness

To run a business, the first important step is getting people to know your services or products because customers definitely do not buy any service or product if they do not know the products or the services. Therefore, these influencers will help spread your reputation and make their followers know your services or products.

2. Building Trust

After Brand Awareness has been realized, the next step is to build credibility with your brand, products or services. Only knowing your brand will not make the customers buy your products or services because if customers do not really trust that your products or services are good enough, they will not decide to buy them. Therefore, hiring highly trusted influencers to review or recommend your products or services will increase a chance to sell.

3. Boosting Sales

To boost sales, it can be done by increasing engagement on the website or Facebook. Influencers are able to increase sales, spread promotions over a period of time and increase the number of people visiting your website or Facebook Page. They will be a voice to publicize your brand, making people talk more about your products or brands or even increasing sales. However, there are many factors that can increase sales. It also depends on your marketing strategy.

Our Influencers Service

For people who are interested in marketing with influencers but are still worried about the working process, HELLOADS can help you manage and plan so that you do not have to waste time in contacting, collecting information and maximizing campaign efficiency. We will help you according to the following steps.

Select Influencers

We will select the right influencers, including summarizing reach and engagement that the customers will receive so that they can choose to reduce or increase the influencers they want.


We will help customers coordinate with influencers about the time period in which customers are willing to promote and the content that will be presented in order to meet customer’s goals.

Summarize the result

We will summarize the work result as a report at the end of the campaign.

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