Increase sales, Expand customer base through Line Ads

Line is a popular platform in Thailand that Thai people cannot live without. At present, according to Line statistics, more than 80% of Thai people, or 69 million people who use mobile internet, have 45 million Line accounts and most people spend more than 63 minutes on Line per day. As a result, Line OA is another interesting marketing channel.

Why is Line Ads necessary for increasing sales and expanding customer base?

One of the important things that makes Line popular but many people may not notice is that Line has products that meet lifestyle needs and support our daily life from the moment we wake up until we fall asleep. That is another main reason why there are 45 million Line users in Thailand.

As Line is one of the most popular platforms in Thailand, online Marketing on Line becomes an interesting thing that brands and marketers should not overlook. Moreover, at the moment, there are not many brands that use Line Ads. If you “Start First”, then you will be “Market Leader”, who reaches the target audience before your competitors. Today, HelloAds, a Line partner agency, will introduce an interesting and doable advertising for everyone, but before that one thing you need to know is that the individual will not be able to advertise with Line. Only a partner of Line can do advertising with Line.

Campaign Objective that can be done now is…

  • Webclick Conversion
    to track and check the performance of Ads.
  • Awareness
    to communicate the brand to reach the target audience more.
  • Gain Friend
    to expand customer base by adding friends to Line Official Account so every time a store wants to send information about promotions or products to customers, no budget is required to submit data. Moreover, the visibility will not be limited because everyone who is friends with the Line OA will be able to see the information without having to spend more on the advertising budget.
  1. Sex
  2. Age
  3. Location
  4. Operating System
  5. Liking

Let Line OA help find the right customers to expand the business to grow quickly.

Line@ ads can be done easily on the Line Ads Platform by setting objectives, target groups, budgets, and advertising periods to accurately reach the customer base. As a result, your brand’s business can grow easily.

Because we can reach Line users by customizing your ads to be displayed in various positions. On the Line application, whether it is Home Tab, Chat List (Chat Page), Line Voom, Line Today, Wallet Tab, Line Open Chat and Line Shop, the system will select the most effective position to match with objectives and target groups automatically selected. This helps meet all advertising objectives to match your goals, whether it’s brand awareness, increase customer base, increase sales, including customer retention.

Line Official Account or Line OA is another channel suitable for doing business, sales and marketing. In the past, many people may have been familiar with Line@ ads because Line had changed Line Add to Line OA because Line@ ads were very popular among entrepreneurs in Thailand in the past with a total of more than 2.7 million users out of approximately 3 million SMEs entrepreneurs, but the problem of Line Add is Consumers often suffer some disadvantages, such as the frequency of sending messages that are annoying and spam. As a result, Line has developed applications to help optimize business use and also make Line users. The general felt happy, no longer disturbed in the name of Line Official Account (Line OA).

Currently, there are 3 types of Line OA
accounts for businesses:

Gray Unverified Account

Unverified Account: The default LINE OA account for merchants and unverified individuals. Basic features can be used, Premium ID can be purchased and additional packages can be purchased.

Blue Verified Account

Verified Account: After being verified by Line, you will receive a blue shield. This will allow them to be found on the Line app in the friend search box.

Green Premium Account

Premium Account: After being verified by Line, you will receive a green shield. This color would be for a large company, organization, or government agency. Can be searched on the Line application in the friend search box as well

But many people may wonder what is the difference between Line Add and Line OA,

the development will make new products different from the old ones, and Line OA itself is several times more advanced than Line@ ads as follows:

It can make rich content (content displayed in full screen) easier.

Calculate broadcast messages changed. Originally, LINE@ counted 1 broadcast message per 1 transmission, but LINE OA was able to send a batch of 3 messages per 1 transmission, thus adding more information.

There is a Chat Bot system so admins or business owners don't have to answer everything themselves.

It has features for online businesses. The features related to an e-commerce business are almost no different from expensive back office systems such as order system delivery checks, etc.

What is Line Voom?
Why is it a new feature of the content line?

Line Voom is a space that gathers a lot of content, whether it’s pictures, short clips, or various types of content. On the Line application, Line Voom is a new generation of online marketing tools in the form of videos and a variety of content. In which we can upload various content to allow users to see more of our brand’s content, including also creating awareness for the brand and meeting the needs of many users today.

The advantage for businesses using Line Voom is that they can freely reach more people around the world in the same way as Twitter and Instagram, allowing businesses to send information to more people by being able to share various contents with people other than friends. This is a big advantage of Line Voom in Line Ads Platform. In addition, it is easier to communicate with customers. Even if you post often, it will certainly not bother the customers who follow you. This makes it easier for brands to deliver large amounts of information while maintaining customer relationships at the same time.

Line Shopping is a platform that is like a marketplace or a collection of social shops.

Line Shopping is a Line Ads Platform that is like an E-Commerce one with many users with a customer base using the line application and including various business brands interest in opening an online store has increased, making Line Shop popular as seen today.

Therefore, Line Shopping is a merchandising platform that provides a trading experience through the Line Ad channel. With Line Add’s online shop management system and Line’s user base of nearly 50 million users, brands that open stores in Line Shop can reach a large number of customers and can also chat to make it closer to customers in private, build trust with customers, encourage customers to buy products and services up to 15 times compared to other channels.

What is Line Shop?
How to increase sales for the brand?

Line Shop is a tool that manages behind the shop such as adding products, adding prices, entering details, adding promotions and more as we want. Also known as Line MyShop, which is a tool to help manage online shops for Line Shopping entrepreneurs. As a result, Line Shop is a channel that meets the needs of online marketplace sales with features that support shop management effectively and meet the needs of customers comprehensively.

Line Rich Menu helps boost sales to reach more customers.

Many people may not pay much attention to making Line Rich Menu, but we would like to say that. You are wrong! Because a beautiful menu design will help you communicate your brand well and make it easier for your members to inquire with the store, easy usage may affect sales as well. The Line Rich Menu is one of the features of Line OA that helps to create a brand that stands out more than anyone else by creating a shortcut menu in LINE OA that is displayed in a 1:1 chat between the store and all customers. Shops can create their own from templates and choose to use up to 6 fields, each of which can be linked to various features of Line OA such as coupons, loyalty cards, auto reply messages or can be provided as a link to send customers to the business website which will help brands able to reach customer groups more easily Including better brand recognition as well.
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