Explore the market! What products are always popular on Valentine’s Day?

We have entered the month of love. Let’s take a look at the global market statistics revealed during “Valentine’s Day is revealed during Valentine’s Day,” where this statistic is often in the same direction, that is, spending on Valentine’s Day in the United States reaching 13 billion dollars. That is why big and small brands around the world are so diligent in their marketing campaigns to boost sales during this Valentine’s Day festival. Because this is the time when people of all genders and ages buy gifts to give to their loved ones. This is not limited to just couples but also to family members, friends, and colleagues as well.

In Thailand, according to a report from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, it was found that during Valentine’s Day, money circulated in the system up to more than 3,000 million baht. This is the truth, and the information is not distorted because during the past year, it was found that Thai people spent an average of 2,318.96 baht per person during Valentine’s Day, representing the market value that people spent during this festival at 3,701.22 million baht.

Let’s take a closer look at what products make the market during this bustling growth.


Ever wondered why Valentine’s Day has to be “Roses”?

Charming, beautiful, perfect, whether it’s branches, leaves, thorns, especially the flowers that have a gentle scent that is inviting to smell. The attractiveness of the rose has been regarded as the queen of flowers. It is also a classic flower that has been around for a long time. and has never been lost from history. Until now, it can expand the species to make various kinds of colorful flowers and a variety of strange shapes. multiplying the value and meaning.

Classic rose flowers are considered as a symbol of dimensions that people use to convey many different meanings, whether in terms of love, beauty, or even as a symbol representing war and politics, you can see how valuable and important the “rose” is. An economic flower that generates huge income and is desired throughout the year, it is not surprising that this flower has been valued and used as a symbol of love for centuries.

During valentine Some flower shops adjust their selling prices to be more affordable. Get a wide range of customer needs Strategies to focus on online sales This means that up to 90% of orders in this channel have roses imported from abroad and domestic roses for customers to choose from and order as needed. There are more varieties to choose from. During this period, Valentine’s bouquets are arranged and decorated with dolls, creating various colors to take pictures and post them on the store’s online channels for customers to choose to enter the store. The shop has to focus on adjusting the ordering strategy through online channels to help drive sales in front of the store itself.

Together with the economic conditions during this period causing the customer’s behavior to change from buying flowers Most of them are ordered at a lower price, for example, from the former ordering 2,000-10,000 baht, but this year the popular price is around 999-1,500 baht, which this year’s Valentine’s orders come from online orders more. 90%, making it estimated that during Valentine’s Day this year there will be an increase in sales of ten thousand.


Why do you have to give “chocolate” to your lover on Valentine’s Day?

Chocolate, a popular dessert of people around the world, besides being delicious, did you know that it has a long history dating back to the 3rd century Roman era because in that era, Emperor Claudius II ordered that Roman men not be allowed to marry because he wanted to recruit men to fight against the enemy without any worries to the extent that anyone disobeying would be subject to the death penalty.

However, there are many couples of men and women secretly organizing a wedding ceremony with a saint named “Valentine” acting as the wedding ceremony. Later, after Emperor Claudius II heard the news, he ordered the execution of Saint Valentine on February 14, which was the origin of Saint Valentine’s Day before developing into the Day of Love, confessing love, and saying love until now.

As for the reason for giving chocolate on Valentine’s Day in that era, it came from the fact that couples had to meet secretly, making them less likely to meet each other. It is the origin of giving gifts instead of love and goodwill, which is chocolate, because in that era, chocolate was considered a very valuable item. It was a rare item in that era, expensive, and limited to the upper class.

Thus, the true meaning of giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day is affection, attraction, deep love, luxury, passion, and glamor.

According to data released by the National Confectioners Association, 86% of Americans plan to buy chocolate or candy for Valentine’s Day this year and according to a survey by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics, sales of chocolate, especially premium products, are growing.

According to Phil DeConto, Ferrero’s vice president of category management and consumer insights, total chocolate consumption over the past 52 weeks has increased 4.7%, and premium chocolate consumption has doubled, which is likely to continue to increase on Valentine’s Day.

In addition, premium Belgian chocolate brand Godiva has teamed up with Nintendo to release a special Animal Crossing-themed chocolate. The product, called Godiva Meets Animal Crossing: New Horizons, features chocolates printed with character faces and items. From the famous game franchise, as follows:

There are four packages for the chocolates: a 9-piece set that comes in a luxurious premium box; a 6-piece set in a cute tin can with a cute pouch for easy portability; and a 4-piece set in a cute mini tin. The chocolate itself is flatter than other types. This version will only be available in Godiva stores, and lastly, it is a canned toffee style. This model will be available at convenience stores. The product will be available for sale until February 15th. The adorable chocolates are super sweet and are suitable as a gift for someone who loves and cares for him the most.


Limited Edition items only sold during Valentine’s Day.

Use the word “limited edition,” a word that anyone who hears it will be interested in knowing that Useful “What’s new?” with strategies to turn competitors into partners This way of marketing is called collaboration. It’s a popular technique during festivals, where many brands often join forces to create limited-edition products to be sold only for a certain time. During this Valentine’s Day, we often see that each brand releases products in conjunction with other brands. That’s because most of the customers are young women. Often loses to the word Limited Edition.

In addition to limited edition products, today HelloAds will introduce 4 marketing techniques during Valentine’s Day. Encourage sales to skyrocket, that is.

  1. Organize a promotion especially loved by couples. Get Valentine’s Day Festive: Promotion is the first technique that many businesses should not miss. We can arrange promotions to suit our customer groups and businesses, such as selling discounted products by organizing a package sale. Arrange the products as a set for couples. Or have a discount for customers who come in pairs to the festival, etc.
  2. Don’t overlook single customers. Of course, on Valentine’s Day, brands often focus on marketing by defining the main target group as a couple. Target groups who are single in Thailand found that working singles accounted for 40% of the total, which is considered a target group with quite a lot of purchasing power.
  3. Love campaigns always sell: Of course, using emotions and feelings to communicate with people can drive sales more than double and can make the brand be remembered widely in the long term as well.
  4. Decorate your products and store with a Valentine theme. This will help your customers feel excited and emotional. and let customers know that brand We are organizing products and promotions for this Valentine’s Day.

For anyone who wants to boost sales during Valentine’s Day like this and is interested in marketing that can attract target groups to be more interested in the brand’s products and services even during the festive season, you can contact HelloAds, a comprehensive online marketing agency.

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