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For business, increasing sales channels is one of the key factors to increase total sales and make profits for entrepreneurs. At present, more than 70% of internet users in Thailand are online shoppers. Thus, increasing online sales channels of the brand becomes an interesting method in online marketing to improve business performance.

Why is E-Commerce necessary ?

1. Credibility of the Marketing Place

A good product should be sold in a credible market. Thus, for entrepreneurs, choosing a marketing place must be considered in all aspects such as reputation of the marketing place, seller service, marketing program or campaign that will help stimulate the sales of the seller, commission cost, shipping cost, and etc.

Currently, marketing places in Thailand have both with commission and without commission, including some places that may have a program which supports the shipping cost. The condition that must be noted for opening a shop with the marketing place is the transportation. For some products, the shipping cost may be an important factor that affects product pricing and the competitiveness of the product price.

However, entrepreneurs must not forget their own website as well. Although various marketing place channels provide an easy way to do marketing and have a large number of visitors, customer data and website traffic will also be provided to the marketing place, which are beneficial for remarketing or getting customers to buy again. In the future, if there is a change in the policies of the marketing place, by having data collected on their own website, the entrepreneurs will have a backup plan for their regular customers in a timely manner.

Examples of Marketing Place B2C in Thailand

Lazada has been an online shopping platform with high trading rates for many years. It was the very first website that pioneered the online selling website and the very first successful platform in Thailand. (commission fee, limited transportation, marketing assistance program)

Shopee is a famous online selling website with high investment. It has a large number of customers per day. There is a website platform (www.shopee.co.th) and application platform in mobile phones, supporting both iOS and Android systems. (no commission fee, no transportation restrictions, marketing assistance program)

2. Logistic

Although opening a shop in some marketing places has a commission fee, at present it is still not very high. Thus, the main cost of the operator is the transportation cost. Some marketing places will restrict the transportation company and the prices that they have dealt with. Entrepreneurs then have to study the business feasibility of whether they will be able to pay for the transportation cost or not. HELLOADS is a partner with many private transportation companies so entrepreneurs who are worried about the transportation costs and operations. There is no need to worry because we can definitely solve the problem for you.

3. Customer Service
(Before / After)

With a lot of competition in the online market, the patience of the customers to wait for a chat response has reduced. Therefore, the team that responds to the needs of customers before buying (Before Sale Service) is quite important to close the sale. After the customer has received the product, if the customer feels dissatisfied, the management of customer needs after the sale is also as important as before the sale because if there is a problem and the customer does not receive a response as soon as possible, the customer’s comment may be the source of the negative social trend that affects the brand itself. Moreover, the after-sales team is also a part that helps increase the number of repurchases of customers as well.

4. Good review from customer

In order to be a store that is on the top of the marketing place based on searches, a store needs to maintain good customer reviews and ratings which affects the visibility of the store in the marketing place. Therefore, having a team that handles reviews will directly affect the store’s visibility that affects the subsequent sales.

In summary, factors that affect the sales volume of that store are quite delicate. Having a team of experts to help advise and manage from the opening of the store until the product is delivered to the customer with satisfaction that they want to repurchase becomes very important for business success.

Increase business opportunities, Become a leader in the market by doing Marketing e-commerce.

Sell on Lazada I Sign up for Lazada I Create a Shopee store I Sign up for a Shopee store

Many people interested in trading business Online, there may have been questions about selling online: selling something or selling online? How to start? Both of these questions are the starting questions for future success. Nowadays people’s behavior has changed to spending most of the time online, making online trading through Shop Seller, one of the main alternatives for selling products online. This makes Shop Sellers like Lazada and Shopee very popular in Marketing e-commerce because it is a channel that helps boost sales well enough.

As for the sale of items in Lazada, it’s easy to start by applying for Lazada and can easily sell items in Lazada in the system. For those who are hesitant about selling online, HelloAds recommends selling on Lazada because we will have advantages in selling products online on large online selling platforms that have both web and apps. With a user base of up to 70 million people, your online store has the opportunity to be widely known and generate more revenue.

In addition, there is another Shop Seller that is equally popular, which is Shopee. As for how to apply to sell things in Shopee or how to open a shop in Shopee, it can be done easily. By applying for a Shopee store, then you can create a Shopee store according to the steps recommended by the platform. The rest we can just answer ourselves that we sell online. Just like this, we can successfully open an online store, making Shopee one of the popular platforms for people to open online stores. As a result, there are more than 10% more searches for ways to open a shop in Shopee and how to apply for a sale in Shopee.

For this reason, Marketing e-commerce and selling products online are popular nowadays because in addition to helping to stimulate sales It is also another important channel for trading, the most powerful online channel in this era ever.

Increase sales through E-Marketplace with Ads on Platform

The convenience of E-Commerce shopping and the COVID-19 pandemic, which make people turn to spend more on the online world, are resulted in the rapid growth of the Thai E-Commerce market, both in Lazada that can make a profit of more than 220 million baht, an increase of 105% from last year, and in Shopee that has the total revenue growth by more than 13,000 million baht, an increase of 129% from the previous year.

Therefore, HelloAds offers E-Commerce service to provide clients with a variety of channels to sell products, to increase opportunities for growth, and to stimulate higher sales because we want our client’s business to be sustainably successful. Thus, we recommend Shopee and Lazada, the 2 most popular Marketplace platforms nowadays to increase your brand’s sales.

Shopee Ads can attract clients and increase sales by increasing 22% of the store visibility.
Consequently, the client’s products can be on the top search through 5 types of ads as follows:

Keyword Ads:

Generate sales from the platform’s search result page.

Discovery Ads:

Attract buyers who are interested in products that are similar to your products.

Shop Ads:

Increase the visibility of your store and build your brand reputation through the search result page when buyers use a search term that matches your ad.

Boost Ads:

Increase the visibility of your product links in multiple high traffic areas simultaneously on the platform.

Display Ads:

Increase traffic to your store through the banner on the Shopee homepage.

Lazada Ads is similar to Shopee as it helps attract clients and increase sales by increasing the visibility through promoting in Sponsored Discovery where advertisements appear on applications and websites in the search result pages or at the bottom of the product detail section which recommends products that should not be missed.

We have more than 5 years of experience in making Ads on E-Marketplace for both small and large businesses so clients can be assured of quality results that can definitely help increase sales.

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