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A website is a medium for presenting information. The information will be able to be presented in terms of news, storefront and countless others, depending on purposes and usage guidelines of the individual. In the internet of things era, everything is carried on the online world because it is easy to access and it has the maintenance costs that are cheaper than the storefront, which helps to save the overall costs. Moreover, it also reaches a lot of people. To say that it was sent to people all over the world is not an exaggeration at all. As long as you have internet access, everyone can access your website immediately. Therefore, building a website is another channel for marketing as well.

Why do you have to make a website, write your own website?

Nowadays, we can open a store page or publicize information in many ways such as Line Ads, Facebook Fanpage, Marketing Place, etc. However, doing everything in those areas is risky because you will only rely on the services of those programs. If those programs are discontinued or any changes come up, your brand or data may be lost or may be able to access fewer people. Therefore, if you have your own real space, you will be able to truly control everything whether controlling the content on the website or adding systems that can make your trading be done with flexibility and freedom. To be clear, it is like you have a storefront in your own land so you can do anything freely unlike renting a space in a mall.

Therefore, it can be considered that any brand that has its own website will have an advantage over other brands because of looking for a cheap website company. To create a website, the company will benefit from customizing the website to be outstanding and more reliable compared to other brands that do not have their own website.

Website services,
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create our own website.

Websites are not difficult to create anymore these days. However, if you want a quality website which shows results quickly and smoothly and has high security as well as being beautiful, reliable and easy to use, creating a website of this level requires an expert because it is necessary to pay attention to every detail in order to have a website that works perfectly. Top web developers from HelloAds can create a website that is more than perfect for you.

5 Reasons why HelloAds is a Must!

1. Responsive Website

The website we build will support all devices to respond to the diverse lifestyles of people in this digital age. Therefore, whatever device your customers use to buy products or services through your website, they will all get the same great user experience.

2. E-Commerce Website

For people who want your website to be more than just a press release board, we have a service that makes a trading system on the website be effective and has high security. Our experienced and highly skilled web development team will make your trading be easy and convenient

3. Seamless Communication

Many customers like to order products on Facebook and there are many times that the customers capture the products they want and send to admin in the Fanpage to order. We will integrate various social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Line together with the website for a more seamless experience so that you can be sure that you will not miss a single customer because all channels are connected to one another.

4. Analysis

To create an experience that is more than perfect, creating an efficient website alone is not enough. Therefore, we add an analysis system that will provide you with information to analyze the website and customer behaviors because if you knew what gender, age, and device they came from and other information, you will be able to use them to develop your service more efficiently without limitations.

5. Basic SEO implementation

People who make shopping websites will always want their website to be in the top search of a famous search engine platform like Google because there are very few people who find results on Google up to page 100. Thus, being in the first page of Google search results will be better. Our team understands this issue of the website. Therefore, a website created by HELLOADS will support SEO for all customers in order to rank well and be easy to do SEO in the future. Moreover, this high quality website may also allow people who buy ads on Google like Google Adwords to get better placement and lower click rates. Therefore, it is obvious that a website that is built to support SEO from the ground up will have more advantages in every aspec

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