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One of the biggest emerging markets that several brands are looking to penetrate is the Chinese market. China has significant potential, with 829 million internet users, or almost 10 times more than Thailand, and almost 100% of them are smartphone users.

In addition, there are over 150 million tourists annually, which is increasing by about 15%. During each trip, up to 75% of them engage in various online transactions through different platforms, whether they use Wechat more than 400 postings, 1.6 million posts on Weibo, 11 million messages on QQ, 15 million yuan paid through Alipay, and 13,000 reviews on Taobao.

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Why is marketing in China interesting?

The Chinese market is the number one largest e-commerce market in the world and is one of the most potential markets, with a market value of over a billion baht. According to the survey, 58% of Chinese consumers prefer online shopping, 26% online and offline, and 17% offline only.

Due to this, China’s social media platform has grown by more than 400% and will undoubtedly keep expanding in the future. These internet platforms have become highly well-liked because Chinese customers place a high value on speed, efficiency, and convenience.

In addition, online marketing in China is very competitive. To reach and raise awareness among the target audience, it is crucial to establish a brand identity in the online space. The best method for reaching Chinese consumers is to use influencer marketing, social media marketing, and Baidu advertising, in particular.

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You are not alone when beginning marketing in China because we are your trusted partner in all your marketing needs. HelloAds offers a full service of Chinese digital marketing from Chinese Social Media, Chinese SEO & PPC (Baidu Ads), and KOL’s. Our Chinese digital marketing services offer you the best platforms and solutions to communicate with Chinese consumers.

Influencer Marketing

Research by Frost & Sullivan indicates that influencer-driven sales amounted to RMB 32.9 billion ($4.9 billion) in 2017 and will increase by more than 40% over the following five years.

Chinese customers also give a lot of weight to influencers since they believe their reviews more than statements from brands or people close to them. As a result, there are more than 2-3 million influencers in China across all categories of influential groups.

HelloAds offers Influencers Marketing service to help you find the right ambassadors for your brand that creates credibility among Chinese consumers.

Baidu Advertising

Baidu is the largest search engine network in China, with a market share of up to 76%, Baidu Advertising can be considered as a gateway to more than 950 million internet users in China.

With AI targeting functionality and precision, HelloAds team specializes in a one-stop service for Baidu advertising to get your brand recognized in the Chinese market and it’s one of the ways to promote products to increase the traffic of the website by leaps and bounds, to increase the visibility of your target audience, and to boost sales to exceed targets.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

Using social media is undoubtedly one of the marketing strategies that will improve your chances of connecting with more people. There is a specific social media network for China. According to user statistics, China has about 926.8 million active social media users in 2020, and that figure is expected to rise to 1.279 billion by 2026.

HelloAds offers content creation services and advertising campaigns for the top 5 social media platforms as follows:


WeChat, a social media platform with over 1 billion users, is presently the second largest chat application provider in the world and is also continuing to develop quickly. It has a wide range of features, including Text information, Voice information, and Chat moments


With more than 400 million users, this social media platform is China’s biggest social network. There are also 1,300,000 video clips posted everyday, and up to 200,000 videos are streamed live each day, and 114,000,000 articles posted on Weibo, with daily usage reaching 94%.


Chinese entertainment’s top social media platform is ranked second in the country’s digital advertising market. One of the most popular social media platforms right now is this one.


The biggest news platform in China, with 120 million daily active users who spend 76 minutes each day on the app. More than 85% of TouTiao users are young adults (18 to 30), and 37.8% of them are freelancers, independent contractors, or proprietors of small businesses. This makes TouTiao the most suited advertising platform for B2B companies.


The biggest knowledge platform in China contains a Q&A feature. To meet the needs of Chinese consumers, Zhihu has also created other helpful features like Zhihu Column, Zhihu Roundtable, Zhihu Bookstore, and Zhihu Live.

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