Influencer ≠ KOLs Know first, gain the advantage! Do Better Influencer Marketing.

It is undeniable that influencer marketing is a very popular marketing strategy nowadays because it’s not just promoting products or services to make the brand known; it also helps to reach the target audience effectively.

The influence of groups with followers, be they singers, actors, idols, or experts in various fields, is therefore increasing considerably because they influence people’s decisions to buy products or services today, causing many brands to choose to use influencer marketing strategies to promote more.

But did you know? All these influencers Not all are categorized as “influencers,” but there are KOLs included. Wondering how these two words are different? If you want to know, let’s read.


Understanding the Difference Between Influencers and KOLs: Key Keywords for Effective Influencer Marketing.

Many people may understand that anyone who has a lot of followers, can influence their buying decisions, will be called all influencers, but in fact Influencers can be divided into two categories: Influencers and KOLs.

An influencer is an influential person who produces content on an online platform or various social media such as Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, etc., and there are a number of people interested. This causes tracking and leads to imitative behavior, which the more followers an influencer has the more influential.

In addition, influencers can be divided into 5 types according to the number of followers: Nano Influencer (Influencer with followers from 1,000 – 10,000 people), Micro Influencer (Influencer with followers from 10,001 – 50,000 people), Mid-Tier Influencer (Influencers with followers from 50,001 to 500,000), Macro Influencer (Influencers with more than 500,001 followers to 1 million followers) and Mega Influencer (Influencers with Fluencers that are commonly known in society has more than 1 million followers).

KOLs or Key Opinion Leaders are those who influence their opinions and can guide others, which in marketing means a group of people whose role is to make a group of people into a large group of people, reliable and conformable or can be considered as an influential person in a specific group of communications.

Although these two words have very similar meanings, there is also a small difference: KOLs are more dominant or specialized in a particular subject until becoming unique when talking about that matter, people immediately think of those KOLs. However, in one person can be both Influencer and KOLs.

So, if brands understand this difference Advertising campaigns will get good results from selecting influencers that fit the brand objectives. Whether it’s building Brand Awareness, building Trust, increasing Engagement or boosting sales.


Introducing tips for choosing influencers and KOLs to get the most out of influencer marketing.

Because of the similar meaning of Influencer and KOLs, many brands often encounter problems in selecting people to promote products or services to meet the objectives of marketing.

Today, HelloAds will introduce ‘How to choose an Influencer or KOLs for the most popular advertising campaign.

But first, everyone must understand that the content offered by the influencer is lifestyle content, which communicates with those who follow a wide range of topics and is not specific to any one subject. If brands choose to use influencers, the content that comes out will be able to communicate in a variety of ways, depending on the creativity of the influencers they choose to use.

The content offered by KOLs is very specific. Therefore, if a brand wants to communicate in a specific way, it will be more effective to use KOLs to promote.

However, the most important thing is that brands must first understand that what does our brand sell or service about? Which target group is suitable for? How useful is the product or service? Therefore, they can choose to use influencers effectively.

Now that you understand these basics, let’s take a look at 4 ways to choose the perfect influencer and KOLs.

  • Choose from lifestyles that match the brand’s target audience because choosing influencers and KOLs to match the lifestyle of the target group will make the product more reliable.
  • Choose the right promotion platform because if choosing a platform that does not match the target audience. The aim of a marketing campaign may result in results that do not meet the goals we set.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of review content each platform is best suited for.

  • Facebook is good for content with a certain number of images with captions that are easy to understand that focus on people to continue sharing.
  • Instagram is good for content with beautiful images, telling a story from pictures, and can show the identity of the brand through images.
  • Twitter is good for short content, but sincere and trustworthy.
  • YouTube is suitable for in-depth educational video content or entertainment content with storytelling that can tie-in the product.
  • TikTok is suitable for short video content that educates or entertains people.
  • Choose from the right amount of Engagement and Views. Brands must understand that influencer followers and KOLs alone can’t guarantee effective product or service promotion, but engagement. If you have a lot of followers, but if the engagement is low, it can be difficult to attract the target audience to buy the product or service. For this reason, brands need to monitor engagement and views before.
  • Choose from the style of content presentation of influencers and KOLs because each person’s content creation style is different. If a brand chooses a content presentation style that does not match the preferences of the target audience, it may cause the promotion of products or services to receive bad feedback, such as choosing influencers or KOLs who often make content in a friendly manner to do academic product or service reviews, viewers may find it unnatural and over-the-top.

That’s it, we can easily choose influencers and KOLs that are suitable for the brand. Of course, choosing influencers and KOLs that help deliver good marketing results is not difficult. But it’s not easy either, so HelloAds offers an Influencer Marketing service that helps select influencers that best meet the needs of your brand and target audience by service specialists. If anyone is interested in doing Influencer Marketing, contact us.


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