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Auspicious Infographic Color

– Auspicious Infographic Color  –


It can’t be denied that every opening the schedule of the auspicious shirt color of the day becomes an activity of many people every morning. Don’t be embarrassed! Because it’s not just you. We all do the same for luck and auspiciousness.

All of a sudden we have an idea that if the shirt has an auspicious color, why can’t the brand have an auspicious infographic color. After all, we have added auspiciousness to ourselves every day. How about adding to our brand to bring good luck!?

But calm down, no matter how much you want to add auspiciousness to your brand, remember that “Infographic is not a tree, don’t tie colorful fabrics.”

Before we talk more about the auspicious infographic color, if anyone  still has doubts about what an infographic is, Click here.



Why do we have to use color to enhance fortune?

To explain, the use of auspicious infographic color is not only to enhance good fortune, but also to make an infographic look interesting and eye-catching by using the correct colors and matching the color well.

And using color to make the infographic look more interesting and eye-catching has only one rule which is…


Auspicious Colors Rule

As mentioned, color is important to enhance the infographic to be more auspicious because besides the converted information in the illustration, the 3 color rules will also help make the infographic look more interesting and easy to read.

If we use more than 3 colors and use extreme contrasting colors, it can make the infographic transform into a sacred tree tied with colorful cloth.


We will give an easy understanding example of the 3 Auspicious Colors Rule for everyone to read.

There are 2 types of 3 Auspicious Colors Rule which are…

  1. Just 3: In one piece, there are only 3 colors that are in the same direction and you can decide how many percent of each color will be used. If we use too many colors, it can cause confusion and eye strain.
  2. Exceed 3: If there are more than 3 colors in one piece, but the extra color is still in the same tone and goes in the same direction, it is okay.


And these are forbidden colors that should not coexist in one piece otherwise your infographic will become a sacred tree!!!

P.S. Even though the sacred tree is really auspicious, it shouldn’t be on our infographic because it will be very painful for those who see.

I think at this point many people already start to clearly understand how to make an infographic interesting and use auspicious infographic colors, right? 


Add feelings with “color”

Here we will talk about a little known fact of colors, for example, what each color means and what feeling it will give.

These are examples of the main colors.

    • White: Purity, Comfort and Peace
    • Black: Mystery, Tranquillity and Protection
    • Blue: Calm, Airiness and Comfort
    • Orange: Joy, Freedom and Creativity
    • Red: Power, Energy and Ambition
    • Pink: Love, Gentle and Cherish
    • Green: Nature, Relaxation and Balance
    • Yellow: Happiness, Joy and Brightness

    Due to the psychological meaning of these colors, people often decorate the room and the shop as well. You will notice that many restaurants tend to use orange and yellow tones because it gives a warm feeling and causes a feeling of hunger. Therefore, entrepreneurs use the wall color with the lights of the restaurant.

    The 3 Auspicious Colors Rule in your infographic design is a rule to make your images attractive to more customers, but there are still a lot of rules for making an infographic.

    If you want to have a nice infographic to enhance the brand fortune, you can message HelloAds now.



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