Trends to Watch! 5 Marketing Trends that will change a business game in 2023

Due to the fact that consumer behavior changes all the time, if brands want to be successful, they need to understand and adapt to the changes by always updating the knowledge and marketing trends to acknowledge what customers want.

Let’s take a look at the marketing trends in the coming year you should not miss and how brands have to evolve in order to survive.

  1. Customers want an instant gratification.

By 2023, customers will expect a response within hours so instead of having to contact the agency every time a campaign has a problem, a digital agency has to figure out how to fix the problem before problems arise.

For example, the digital agency might list issues that often arise during a campaign and tell how to fix those problems from the beginning to make customers feel confident that the agency will have an effective way to deal with various problems that might occur.

In addition, this trend also includes normal customers who buy products and services from brands, both online and offline as well, they also expect responses within hours too.

Therefore, if brands want to overtake their competitors, it is necessary to ensure that every team is ready to carry out various tasks as quickly as possible without errors.

  1. Add Chatbots into their strategies.

Since 2019, marketers are increasingly investing in Chatbots and AI-powered digital assistants. In Thailand, it is obviously seen from AIS, a leading telecommunication brand, where Chatbots are used to help suggest solutions both on the website and the application so their customers do not have to wait for the call center to reply.

As creating a unique experience for each customer until they feel that they are treated with special care, Chatbots become one of the ways that brands get good feedback. Moreover, it can also be used for any type of business.

Thus, Chatbots has become a game changer for both big and small businesses to impress customers.

  1. Influencer Marketing will grow up to 16.4 billion by 2023.

It is expected that in 2023 Influencer Marketing Strategy all around the world will grow more than 16 billion dollars because marketers begin to shift their focus from Engagement to a strategy that includes Conversion to promote a brand’s product or service as well.

In order to achieve this goal, brands need to have a deep understanding of their target audience so that they can design a campaign that aligns with their goals or objectives.

For example, they need to choose an influencer on Instagram who has a fitness image to create content for promoting yoga mat products and possibly provide an affiliate link that influencers’ followers can easily click to buy products.

However, don’t forget that the influencer selection is very important. Brands need to choose the person that is suitable with the brand image both in terms of lifestyle and age.

  1. The power of Big Data will continue to grow.

The dependence on Big Data is still inevitable for brands because brands still need to analyze this data to do marketing campaigns that meet the needs of customers.

  1. A change to Omnichannel Marketing.

Since nowadays there are many social media platforms, the use of those digital media are quite diverse: some people may read articles that they are interested in or update new trends and some people may play games, watch movies or do online shopping.

Therefore, if a brand uses only one platform to attract customers, brands will lose an opportunity to reach customers and increase sales. Brands should start focusing on Omnichannel Marketing instead of single-channel marketing as before. 

Omnichannel is an essential marketing strategy to survive in the digital age. It consists of 3 main components as follows:

  1. Adding more sales channels such as websites, applications, or social media platforms like Twitter to reach customers in all aspects.
  2. Presenting the same information, language, and standard of service in all sales channels whether on a website, a store, a dealer, or a social media.
  3. Combining everything effectively, including the history of shopping both online and offline even in different branches.

For those reasons, Omnichannel will not only help to give a shopping experience that is superior to other brands in the market from providing various selling platforms and connecting all the data systematically. Omnichannel marketing also helps to collect information about consumer behavior so that brands can reach the target audience more in the next campaign.

If you think these 5 trends are beneficial for your brand and are interested in online marketing, but you don’t know how to start or need more information, you can contact HelloAds, an online marketing specialist.

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