A long break caused sales to fall! How should businesses cope? Let the sales landslide during the long holidays.

In the eyes of many people during the long holiday season is the time when everyone spends time relaxing. As a result, many brands decided to stop promoting in the online world because they think that the target audience may spend so much time on travel that they don’t have time to pay attention to their brand’s content.

But did you know that this is a golden opportunity to promote the brand and boost your sales by using “Micro Influencer Promotion Strategies” and “Loyalty Program Strategies”?


Why have to drive sales by promoting the brand through Micro Influencer?

Because the trending strategy of the era like Influencer Marketing is a strategy that every brand can easily use to attract target audiences, especially Micro Influencer, which is a group that helps boost sales and promote the best products or services.

Statistically, consumers are three times more likely to follow a micro influencer than a brand, and 61% of consumers trust micro influencer reviews because they feel like they feel like friends or acquaintances and thanks to this friendliness, micro-influencers are almost twice as easy to reach people as celebrities.

The reason why Micro Influencer is a strategy that marketers should not miss.

  • Micro Influencers help target audiences to better remember their brands due to the creation of advertising campaigns or content during the long holiday season that make the target audience feel that the brand has not disappeared anywhere. As a result, people remember that brand better, especially brands that use micro influencers because of their friendly content. It will help the target group to reach and remember the brand’s products or services better. For example, snack brands can use Micro Influencers to review that the brand’s products are delicious that they should carry to satisfy their hunger when traveling. This way people will be interested and remembered because I want to try the products of that brand according to the advice of those who are like friends or acquaintances.
  • Micro Influencers can help create awareness and good feelings for the target audience. One of the secrets that make the best way to reach the target audience is to use Emotion to stimulate the desire to buy in the target audience and if choosing a Micro Influencer who has a similar lifestyle to the target audience, the more the target audience will see the use of the product or service and make them feel that they need it even more until it affects the purchase decision Including a preference for the brand Until causing further wording.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a Micro Influencer with 5,001 – 100,000 followers are not just a helper to build brand awareness or engagement. But it also influences the target audience. until it can lead to the purchase decision process as well.                           

For this reason, if any brand takes advantage of the advantages of Micro Influencer in creating advertising campaigns or content during the long holiday season, the higher the chance to attract people and increase sales.

How good is the strategy to attract target groups with Loyalty Program?

Another strategy that brands should use during the long holiday season to attract the target group is the Loyalty Program because this strategy will increase sales for the brand even if the storefront is not open.

Loyalty Program is a marketing strategy used to maintain customer groups and encourage them to buy from the brand repeatedly through offering the following incentives:

  • Attracting customers with welcome points is one of the strategies that can easily attract customers to follow the brand because people usually like to buy products with special discounts. This method helps build a good customer base. Each brand should create a promotion before the long holiday so that customers can use discounts during long holidays.
  • Giving out coupons to boost sales, whether it’s a discount coupon or buy 1 get 1 free coupon if the customer groups have these discount coupons in hand. This guarantees that more or less will have to try to buy products that meet the conditions of the discount or a free gift for which a coupon is used. It should be an easy-to-use coupon with no complicated conditions because of the long holiday. Some brands may not have admins to answer customer inquiries 24 hours a day.
  • Send SMS to communicate with groups of customers even during long holidays. The target group may enjoy relaxing. So they don’t play social media and follow the news of the brand. Instead, brands can communicate with their target audience via SMS.

For this reason, if brands plan and prepare in advance there will be no more during the long holidays to worry that sales will fall because this period will become a golden opportunity to increase sales instead.

For anyone who wants to boost sales during this long holiday season and is interested in doing marketing that can attract target groups to be more interested in the brand’s products and services even during the festive season, you can contact HelloAds, an online marketing agency.

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