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Don’t miss it! Summary of great information from Thailand Digital Statistics Insight 2023 from We Are Social.

During a new year like this What are you all waiting for? Some people should wait for the campaign. or new products and services, but for marketers stay tuned for insights from We Are Social, one of the social media management platforms.

This year, the platform has already published important online behavior statistics, Thailand Digital Stat Insight 2023. Let’s take a closer look at this new year. What has changed in Thailand, and how interesting it is to gather information for business development until it can lead to new opportunities in the market.


Ready to see a summary of great information.

  1. Today, the civilization of our world is concentrated within the city, as usual. It is not as spread out of the city as was previously believed to be due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This could have an effect on Mega City, creating challenges for urban development itself.
  2. As for the growth rate of the world’s population, it has been below 1% since 2021, like in Thailand. There is only a 0.2% increase in the population from the previous year, resulting in the average age of Thai people in 2023 being 40.1 years. The whole world is already an aging society. This makes it harder for marketers to target young adults at heart.
  3. When divided by the average per capita, the GDP, or gross domestic product, in Thailand is almost 700,000 baht. Most Thai people have a monthly income of less than 60,000 baht, which shows the inequality in society.
  4. 85.3% of the Thai population has access to the Internet, which can be called “online prosperity” or “digitalization.” That is relatively high compared to other countries. This makes businesses have to hurry and devote themselves to opening a sales channel through the online world to attract customers and stimulate more sales, but the number of online hours of Thai people has decreased from the previous year to 8 hours, 6 minutes from 9 hours, 6 minutes, causing marketers to think about ways to keep our brand visible.
  5. On average, 95.3% of all Thais with mobile phones use the internet, which can be considered almost everyone who uses the internet and the use of mobile internet in Thailand is ranked 4th in the world, while Thais use the internet via computers less than the world average, which is 47.6%. You may have to consider the mobile screen as the main.
  6. The top 5 reasons Thais go online are to search for information (57.8%), contact friends or family members (53.7%), follow the news (50.9%), watch videos, movies, or TV shows (49%), and find out how to do something (47.6%). 43.4% of Thais are looking for information about products or brands that they are interested in. The top 5 reasons for accessing websites or apps by Thais are chat (94.8%) and social media (94.6%). 81.8% search on Google, 76% shop online, and 55% view a map.
  7. 34.8% of Thais use taking a photo or uploading it to find information instead of typing it. This is higher than the global average of 28.4% because the technology is popular among younger people, especially women. Which is used in online shopping and fashion clothes online.
  8. More than 95.4% of Thais watch TV programs through the internet or applications. In addition, 36.9% of Thais listen to music online. It can be another way to reach the target audience that cannot be overlooked.
  9. 21.8% of Thais like to listen to podcasts, which is slightly higher than the global average of 21.2%. Therefore, if anyone is interested in investing in podcasts, they may have to consider their target group and strategy to determine whether it’s worth it or not.
  10. Thai people play games the fourth most in the world. Statistics show that more than 92.3% of all internet users play games. It can be called marketing through eSports or online games. It is the main way to promote the brand and reach a large number of people.
  11. Smart Home Device Market: Smart Home from IoT in Thailand has only 6.7% of Internet users, with only 12.9% of Smart Home devices in the house, but in the future, there is still an opportunity for this market to grow enormously.
  12. Thai people use QR Codes, ranked 5th in the world, up to 54.1% of the time to pay in everyday life. On the other hand, only 30.5% of Thais conduct financial transactions online or through mobile apps. Whether it’s accounting, investing, or buying insurance.
  13. Thais rank fourth in crypto ownership in the world with a 21.9% share of users, but on average, Thais hold only 2,500 baht in crypto, and on average, Thais own NFT pieces worth 595 baht.
  14. 15.8% of Thais find a doctor online by using the service to see a doctor online every week. Due to the impact of COVID 19, it is still considered very small compared to the world average of 24.9%, but there is still a great opportunity for this business to grow.
  15. Only 27.3% of Thais are concerned about privacy and PDPA, which is lower than the global average of 32.2%. At the same time, as many as 23.6% of Thais use a VPN to hide their identity online. At the same time, Thai people care about Fake News, ranked ninth in the world, counting more than 62.3%.

From these data It can be seen that the online behavior of Thai people has changed, which corresponds to people around the world. Therefore, if brands or marketers can apply this information, it will help them reach more people. For anyone interested in online marketing, you can contact HelloAds, a comprehensive online marketing agency.

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