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FIFA World Cup this year! Are you ready for a golden opportunity to reach a large audience?

As you know, the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be held in Qatar from November 20 through December 18, 2022, is one of the big events that everyone has been waiting for. including business people Because of past statistics, this competition is a great opportunity to earn a lot of money. which can increase income up to 2-3 times.

Today, HelloAds will share a good trick. that marketers like you should not miss. In this World Cup, let’s get started.


Why should marketers promote during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

According to statistics, people are seven times more interested in searching for “World Cup” than “Super Bowl,” which is the world’s most valuable sporting event. -8x In addition, the 2018 World Cup added $2.4 billion to the global advertising market.

In 2022, 75% of UK consumers will likely still be watching a football match at home. This is good for FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) brands or general consumer goods that are traded quickly and cheaply due to their extremely low cost. Because these consumers will buy alcohol (65%) and snacks (65%) to eat while watching the game. In Thailand, this trend is expected to occur as well.

What’s more, the World Cup in Qatar in 2022 is expected to reach 5 billion viewers worldwide, and Twitter also estimates that there will be 32% more tweets about the event than last year.

So, promoting brands during the biggest sporting event, the World Cup Qatar 2022, is a great opportunity for advertisers to connect with their audience.


5 Tips for Marketers to Effectively Promote Brands During World Cup Qatar 2022

The insights show that this moment is a golden opportunity to increase brand awareness, but what will the brand do? to reach the target audience precisely and efficiently. 

1. Get to know the target audience.

The first thing brands need to do is deeply understand the behavior of their target audience. How do they engage with our brand? and link various contents to suit the target audience, for example, if using email campaigns to communicate with the target audience Brands should tailor their content to suit the behavior they’ve analyzed not just gender-adjusted their age or place of residence and send emails only

2. Ads must be relevant and creative.

Brands need to keep in mind what our marketing goals are. before setting up a campaign in order to know: Is this method effective enough to achieve your goals and is it worth it? And if you want the campaign to be successful, creativity is also important. because even though the brand does not have much budget, marketing campaigns can attract people to pay attention and follow the brand.

For example, Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” ad during Euro 2016, which stitched together iPhone photos to tell a story. by focusing on playing with the emotions of the viewers, compared to the ad from the same period where Nike hired Ronaldo to promote it, this one was equally successful. Even though it uses a much smaller budget.

3. Publish multi-channel content.

Using multiple platforms, it is one of the key contributors to easily increasing brand visibility and better marketing outcomes. For example, use Twitter to promote brands on game day or send an email during the event. Your brand will be more visible and recognized until it may lead to brand tracking from the behavior of users who tend to use their mobile phones at that time.

4. Drive Engagement

Today, marketing has become more of a two-way conversation than purely sales, so engaging users with content can make a big difference than generic campaigns such as memes and hashtags to encourage followers to engage through predictions or posting relevant content on the day of the competition to get them involved through sharing. These things will affect the good image of the brand, increasing access including increasing the chances of meeting the brand’s customers.

5. YouTube Ads Campaign

More and more people watch the tournament on YouTube, especially match highlights, goals, and other online content after the race.

At the 2018 World Cup, there were over 5 billion views on World Cup-related YouTube, and football-related searches on YouTube have increased by 80% since Euro 2020, increased search means visibility. Therefore, if brands advertise on YouTube, this method will help them get better marketing results.


How can brands engage Gen Z during the World Cup Qatar 2022?

The next question is Brands will be able to attract Gen Z, the influential consumer group of today. How can I participate?

Kevin Kim, CEO and co-founder of Stadium Live Studios and also a gaming and sports marketing strategist who works closely with Gen Z-focused products, said:

“It’s important to reach a younger audience to make sure we are on the platform they hang out on. Traditional sports marketing might focus on brand presence on screens during games. But younger viewers, especially Gen Z, spend less time actually watching the game and turn to watch sports through short-form media such as TikTok and Instagram instead.

But that doesn’t mean that Traditional marketing is not an effective way to reach Gen Z audiences as many of them still watch games through traditional platforms. But if our brand is not on a platform with a sharing of sports clips and related content. The interest and awareness of the brand will not be the same as other people that are on those platforms as well.”

Therefore, if brands understand these things, it will help promote products and services to reach the Gen Z target group even more.

For those who are interested in marketing during the World Cup 2022, can’t wait, hurry up and contact HelloAds to help market and promote products and services.

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