Let’s get to know the simple techniques of Influencer Marketing in choosing influencers to be perfect.

It is well known that Influencer Marketing is one of the strategies that drive sales and maximize people’s reach because consumers feel closer to influencer ads than brand ads directly. Whether it’s on television, radio, or banners on various websites, the more influencers are interested in products and services, the more likely they are to influence, the more credibility and persuasiveness of consumers.

In addition, influencers have an impact on a brand’s image. If a brand chooses the right influencers, it can improve their brand image or may change the image of the brand at all, such as the brand’s products that are herbal soaps which the target group is the elderly. But the brand wants to expand its target audience among young people. Therefore, they choose to use influencers that are popular among teenagers. This will help to change the way young people think about the brand. It also helps to stimulate consumer purchasing decisions as well.


What makes brands Let’s turn to use the Influencer Marketing strategy together.

Based on statistics from Wearesocial and Hootsuite, which compile and compile digital usage statistics around the world will show that Thais use social media more than 75% of the total population and social media is also the channel where people spend the most time. This gives influencers more influence in the online world.

For this reason, influencers are popular and have a wide variety of options such as beauty, travel, and many more, resulting in more brands investing in influencer marketing. If you are still hesitating whether to invest in the influencer market or not let’s take a closer look at these insights.

Data from Shane Baker, a renowned online marketing consultant, reveals that the conversion rate or closing rate of influencer marketing is currently at 2.55%, while Adweek’s data shows that the conversion rate of influencer marketing is 2.55%. Other social media marketing is even less than 1% of this closing figure.

From this information, it is clear to us that influencer marketing is a very suitable strategy for brand promotion.


6 Techniques for Choosing the Right Influencer for Influencer Marketing.

As you know, Influencer Marketing is the marketing that almost every brand chooses to use, but how to use influencer marketing techniques to achieve sales goals? Today, HelloAds will introduce 6 simple techniques in influencer marketing that every brand can easily start with as follows:

1. Plan your goals before you start doing Influencer Marketing.

If your brand wants to use influencers just because they see it as a hot trend or other brands do a lot, they want to follow. Things will ruin brand promotion from the start because every marketing strategy must set a goal before doing it. Therefore, you must set goals before every influencer marketing strategy. There will be different methods for selecting influencers and there are different ways to measure results.

2. Know the target audience to promote the brand’s products exactly to the point.

When brands can already target audiences, it will make it easier to study the in-depth information of the target audience. This will help us to know what your audience behaves, what they like and what they don’t like. These processes then make it easier to decide which influencers are right for your target audience.

3. Understand which influencers are suitable for the brand’s target audience.

Creating a list of influencers first to select which influencers your target audience is interested in and follow, it will help brands decide which influencers are most suitable.

4. Choose the right influencers for your audience and brand.

Brands must select the right influencers for their goals, target group, and available budget. It takes into account the relevance between the influencer and the brand and the target audience, influencer followers, influencer reachability, and how much the influence of the influencer can convince the target audience to follow. Which can be divided into 4 main groups as follows:

  • Groups that generate a lot of reach but the power of persuasion is relatively low, such as the media or news agencies, etc.
  • Groups that generate high reach and have enough power to persuade, such as celebrities, singers, actors or idols, etc.
  • Moderate Reach Generation Groups but with high persuasive power such as bloggers, Youtubers or various analysts etc.
  • Groups that generate very little reach but have a very high persuasive power, such as friends, family, or people who have actually used the product, etc.

5. Contact influencers to promote products as desired by brands.

After studying and checking the previous content of the influencers that the brand wants than contact the influencer to brief the work that we want to help promote products and services straight away but must not forget that the uniqueness of the content that influencers make on a regular basis in order to present the most suitable content.

6. Follow up on results after advertising campaigns.

To know if the advertising campaign achieved the desired goal or not, results must be followed up every time. This will help measure the success of the advertising campaign and learn from imperfect points to be used to improve the selection of influencers in the future as well.

That’s all, the brand can choose proper use of influencers. Although really then there will be more detailed steps for selecting influencers, but this is the stage where every brand can preliminarily select an influencer.

But if you want HelloAds to help you with your influencer marketing strategy, you can contact HelloAds.

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