Marketers should not miss this! TikTok Ads: how to advertise to sell well to reach new people consistently.

It can be said that the trend of the TikTok application is extremely strong lately, especially in the Gen Z group, which is becoming an influential consumer group in the market. Many marketers have turned their attention. And choose to shoot ads in TikTok to promote products and services. Build brand awareness and boost sales.

TikTok Ads is shooting an ad in TikTok to reach a large number of people. until your brand is widely known and generate new sales opportunities

For those who are still hesitant to start advertising on this platform or not. Let’s look at these insights first.


Is using TikTok Ads really good for product promotion? Why do many businesses choose to use it?

According to the survey, the TikTok application has grown rapidly over the past few years. With more than 2 billion downloads and 800 million active users worldwide, 41% are Gen Z, 16-24 years old, and 59% are other age groups, Millennial, GenX, and Baby Boomer that means if you promote your products through TikTok Ads, your brand will not only reach a large number of people, but also able to reach a wide range of people of different ages.

In addition to its massive downloads, TikTok managed to reach 1 billion overall global engagement last year. The amount of content uploaded on TikTok can be said to be as high as Instagram or Twitter, but TikTok generates better engagement in terms of views, comments, likes and shares, which can confirm the growth of TikTok very well.

Additionally, statistics from Oberlo show that 90% of all users use the TikTok application several times a day and the average time spent by TikTok users is 52 minutes per day, with 68% coming in to view content and 55% creating content.

From all these statistics, what do you think, is it worth firing a TikTok Ads? If you probably don’t have to answer now, let’s take a look at the main goals that TikTok can do for you first.


3 main objectives in making TikTok Ads for brands to grow exponentially.

Of course, launching a TikTok Ads will help your brand’s content become more recognizable, but there are 3 main objectives of TikTok Ads:

1. Awareness is suitable for brands that want more people to know about your products and services.

2. Consideration that is suitable for brands that want people to think about and find out more about the brand’s products and services. This can be done in 3 ways:

  • Traffic focuses on getting people to click on the URL link that the brand wants.
  • App Installs highlight people clicking on the App Store or Play Store to get to know more apps and download the brand’s apps.
  • Video Views focuses on maximizing views of video ads.

3. Conversions (Sales) are best for brands that want to get people interested in making a purchase or service.

All 3 of these objectives will help stimulate the brand to grow quickly. Many brands have started using TikTok in their marketing in order not to miss a golden opportunity to generate sales. Especially brands whose customers are Gen Z, until the TikTok app is considered a great marketing tool that helps reach customers easily.


Did you know what is the best strategy right now to promote TikTok Ads to reach more people?

TikTok platform which focuses on content creation in short video format is very popular nowadays because the behavior of people these days likes something fast and concise, plus the TikTok app will always recommend hot content and content that each user is expected to like in the feed. TikTok reaches a large number of people and lets brands know what kind of content they should use to promote their products or services.

As for influencer marketing strategies, or strategies that create content to promote brands through influencers, it is one of the popular sales strategies because people often feel that influencer reviews are more like word of mouth or referrals from acquaintances than sales, making people believe and buy products or services accordingly rather than brand advertising.

So, wouldn’t it be better if we combined the two strengths? Create interesting and viral TikTok Ads content easily to build Brand Awareness and lead to future sales.

Brands can also use the Challenge Campaign to create content, TikTok Ads, and launch TikTok Ads to reach a wider audience and generate engagement for your brand’s ads.

It is evident that the rapid growth rate and wide reach make TikTok Ads a very good alternative to marketing these days. Many marketers became interested and seriously wanted to learn more.

Do you think the same, right? If anyone is interested in the TikTok Ads service, you can contact HelloAds, a comprehensive online marketing agency.

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