A Case Study Analysis! How to build a brand to be strong like Doraemon, the favorite character of all time.

A Case Study Analysis! How to build a brand to be strong like Doraemon, the favorite character of all time.

Last month there was World Cat Day. This month also has a cat day, but not a normal cat. It is a blue cat robot that has been dominating in people’s hearts for more than 53 years. That’s right! September 3rd is Doraemon’s birthday.
Doraemon is a cat robot nanny who comes from a future world. He came from the past with magic items from 4D bags to help Nobita, an elementary school student who is good-for-nothing and Sewashi’s great-grandfather who owned Doraemon.
With a cute, reliable, and supportive character, Doraemon makes Fujiko Fujio’s extraordinary story become one of the most favorite stories for children in many countries and has remained in people’s memories for a long time. It can be guaranteed by being chosen as one of the Asia heroes from Time Asia magazine and being chosen as a goodwill ambassador for the promotion of Japanese culture.

The strength of Doraemon, the number one character that dominates the market in all eras.

No matter how many eras have passed and how many new characters have appeared, since the launch of Doraemon in 1969, Doraemon is still a brand that receives popularity among people, and it is also a brand that makes more than one hundred billion baht around the world per year.
The secret of Doraemon’s success is the coming-of-age story which portrays various problems that happen in childhood and shows how the imperfect characters solve the problems. The audience will not only receive good lessons, but their childhood memories and dreams will be reflected as well. Therefore, Doraemon reaches people easily through the emotions and feelings people share with the characters.
It is also a cartoon that encourages imagination and inspiration in many ways, especially some of the magic things in this story that are actually happening today such as the 3D printer that are so popular with designers, inventors, and people who like model, the favorite box that Doraemon uses as a TV or a record player, which is now known as a tablet, or the hallucinogenic glasses that will make you feel like you’re in another world, which is VR glasses or AR (Augmented Reality) technology in the present day.
In addition, besides inspiring to create various inventions, Doraemon is a brand that many brands collaborate to increase brand awareness in new target groups and boost sales to increase profitability, for example, a global fashion brand Gucci, Paris luxury brand Paul & Joe, or a brand that reaches people of all ages like Uniqlo.

Storytelling Marketing is a strategy that helps build Doraemon as a legend.

Another factor that makes the brand of Doraemon successful is using the Storytelling Marketing strategy to present a story in order to attract and impress the target audience.
Storytelling Marketing is an inbound marketing strategy used to tell the story of brands, products, and services and to convey emotion through creative content to the target audience so they can be persuaded and get into the brand since it helps to create a good impression and recognition of the brand.
Therefore, Doraemon uses a number of 129.3 as a strategy. It narrates many things that are tied with this number, for example, weight, height, strength, jumping force, and proportions.
It also includes a story about friendship and a dreamy fantasy so that it can easily get into everyone’s heart, which clearly shows that it corresponds to the principle of Storytelling Marketing, a strategy that is different from general marketing.
Thus, it can be concluded that the more brands can understand their target audience, creating a visual memory of what things brands want people to know through Storytelling Marketing, the better brands can create content that is more appealing to people.

Why is Storytelling Marketing essential for marketers?

Many marketers said, “People often make a decision to purchase with emotion” and it has been proven many times, especially nowadays which information is easier to find that it adds many options for buyers. Therefore, the only traditional informational advertising for products or services may not be enough to make the target audience feel interested and to make them buy those products from the brand anymore. We have to use a strategy that can stimulate their emotions and make them more willing to buy.
Therefore, Storytelling Marketing is used to create content that provides information about the product or service of a brand by sharing a mood together with the audience so that the brand stands out from many competitors in the market that it can become the only choice in the mind of the target group.
Furthermore, the use of Storytelling Marketing also generates word-of-mouth among the target audience and creates a feeling of being connected with the brand unconsciously. To get the best results in present day marketing, a brand should create a story that makes its audiences feel like they’re going on an adventurous journey with the brand and choose a suitable platform for the behavior of its target audience. A brand should avoid pressurizing the products they want to sell or presenting so hard although the target audience is not interested.
An interesting business philosophy when talking about a brand that grows sustainably like Doraemon.
Immortality in every era of Doraemon corresponds to the Japanese business philosophy “Rinen,” which helps build a sustainable business.
The principle of business management philosophy “Rinen” is adhering to the position, knowing what the brand’s goals are for, and understanding how to create benefits for society. Businesses that follow this philosophy therefore focus on the pursuit of happiness rather than profit. This philosophy can be divided into 5 categories: giving happiness to employees, to partners, to customers, to society, and to owners as well as shareholders.
It is evident that the Rinen philosophy is in contrast to general business principles that tend to focus on owners and shareholders first. The Rinen philosophy believes if a brand treats employees like family members, employees will take care of customers with heart. If a brand has a good relationship with their partner, that brand will have an intimate friend. If a brand does good things for society, that brand will enter into many people’s hearts and become the first brand they think of.
The success of this philosophy can be proven by the fact that more than 56% of Japanese companies that have adopted this philosophy last for a hundred years. It can be said that the Rinen philosophy can help build business sustainability very well.
Thus, if your brand wants to do business with heart, Rinen philosophy is one of the keys to get your brand into everyone’s hearts.
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