4 Marketing Trends in the second half of 2022 that you should not miss!

4 Marketing Trends in the second half of 2022 that you should not miss!

As we have already arrived in the second half of 2022, let’s update interesting marketing trends together. We are sure that these 4 trends will definitely be useful for your content marketing.

Enhance the impression of customers with Experiential Marketing

Did you know that experiential marketing is a trend that focuses on creating user experiences based on products and brands? This trend allows customers to engage with the brand and gain a better sense of brand identity. For example, a tech giant, Apple, is often seen as the pioneer of this trend. It organizes “a photo walk activity” which introduces their products to customers in the neighborhood and teaches them how to take photos with the iPhone, resulting in brands building relationships with customers which leads to more purchases of the brand’s products.

This trend is often part of a brand’s marketing strategy, no matter the size of the business. To be successful in Experiential Marketing, each brand needs to know its target audience and sets clear objectives to stimulate more sales.

Story-Driven Content Visualization to understand customers through content

After going through diversified crises like the pandemic of COVID-19,  what if a brand follows the marketing trend of Story-Driven Content Visualization, which is storytelling content that matches the customer experience? The more the story of the product or brand matches the story of the customer, the more customers are impressed and interested in that brand.

Moreover, if the content is embellished with striking colors and images, it will make people want to read that content by up to 80%.


Responding to chats effectively with Conversational Marketing

At this time, everyone is increasingly turning to online shopping via social media and E-commerce. Therefore, Conversational Marketing is more trendy. As it is a conversation-based marketing trend, it communicates directly with potential customers mainly via the chat box or voice assistant.

A recent study by IBM found that over 70% of customers tend to expect an immediate answer after asking a question. Thus, this marketing trend is an effective way to increase customer loyalty and make the sales process more streamlined. Conversely, a survey by Salesforce found that 42% of customers tend to distrust a brand when it is lack response or the customer service is slow.

Influencer Marketing is a trend that never goes out of style

A long-standing trend like Influencer Marketing is a very effective marketing trend for using influencers to advertise a brand’s social media marketing campaigns such as TikTok and Instagram, which help to penetrate the niche market well.

It may not be a new trend, but it’s a trend that’s still gaining momentum as one of the customer’s behaviors nowadays is to read reviews before they actually buy a product. Therefore, an advertisement by influencers becomes an impressive and perfect solution for brands to create advertising content that meets their objectives and target audience.


If you think these trends are helpful for your brand and are interested in online marketing based on these 4 trends, but you don’t know how to start or need more information. You can contact HelloAds a specialist in digital marketing.

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