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5 main reasons for using Taboola as

5 main reasons for using Taboola as part of your online marketing strategy

Get to know Taboola, another important platform for online marketing that can help your business grow

For Online Marketing, learning and understanding the tools that help you reach out to customers more effectively and expand your customer base are very crucial. Today, we’ll introduce you to the Taboola Platform, a unique Native Ads platform. As distributing ads across numerous platforms, in addition to social media networks, will boost your chances of reaching more target audiences. Furthermore, Taboola will choose the best websites for your ads to better meet the target group. So, let’s check out how useful Taboola is, and why brands should not be overlooked…

5 main reasons for using Taboola as part of your online marketing strategy

Effective Ads Positioning - Taboola Ads

When Taboola is used, the effectiveness of the ad’s engagement and click-through rate will increase. This is because ads on Taboola will appear seamlessly beneath relevant content, or trending content of partner websites such as Daily News, PPTVHD36, and many others, resulting in content and advertising consistency. People who visit the website will not realize that they are being tracked too much.

Increase Brand Awareness - Taboola Ads

2. Increase Brand Awareness
Due to the fact that Taboola ads appear on trusted websites and are also surrounded by professional-produced content, they will receive more attention than ads on other platforms. Considering the consistency of ads and content on the website results in a better message that brands want to communicate to website visitors.

An excellent platform for generating conversions - Taboola Ads

3. An excellent platform for generating conversions
Taboola’s ad format provides the perfect tools for generating conversions because it includes images or videos that attract attention at first sight, as well as captions that help website visitors get a rough idea of the content and create more clicks. Moreover, there is an eye-catching ‘Call-To-Action’ button that will attract website visitors to act in accordance with your marketing objectives. According to a recent survey, Taboola’s model helped increase Click Through Rate by 11-15%. This is very useful information in considering it as the brand’s online marketing strategy.

Collect various information to further develop the brand -Taboola Ads

4. Collect various information to further develop the brand

Taboola can collect information such as the browser and mobile operating system used by website visitors, as well as the websites visited prior to the advertisements. Taboola Pixel also signals time spent on websites, IP addresses, or page URLs in order to optimize advertiser campaign performance. In addition, there is also a summary report of the campaign results that can be used to further develop the brand.

Keep up with the latest trends in advertising - Taboola Ads

5. Keep up with the latest trends in advertising
People who do online marketing should always be up-to-date with new trends. In order for brands to deliver content that meets consumers’ ever-changing needs, Taboola is needed because a website,, can help the platform users to acknowledge what type of text in Ad images are currently attracting website visitors, and what kind of images or videos are currently trending. 

If you are interested in expanding your online marketing opportunities by adopting a new strategy to reach your target audience, Taboola is another platform that can definitely meet your goal. However, if you are still unsure and require additional information, you can consult HelloAds as we are a direct agency partner with Taboola and we also have experts to help you!

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