5 Advantages of Data Driven Online Marketing

5 Advantages of Data-Driven Online Marketing

People who do Online Marketing must know! Data-Driven, one of the most successful strategies


To reach consumers with rapidly changing behaviors, today’s online marketing requires significant adjustment. As a result, in order to precisely make marketing strategy decisions, data-driven analysis is very important for reaching customers’ buying behavior, interests, or likes. This process is called Data-Driven Marketing.

Data-Driven Marketing is the process of collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing data in order to understand customer needs in all dimensions. Therefore, there is an article from The Economist titled “The World’s Most Valuable Resource is No Longer Oil, but Data.” which shows how important data is nowadays.


“Data” is a key element that can dramatically increase sales.

Data can help brands understand their customers better because it is able to clearly identify customers’ preferences and needs, and thus, encourages customers to continue using products and services in the long term.

“Data” is very important. 

We must understand how to screen and implement useful insights.

Therefore, in order to be more efficient, “Data” should be used in all businesses so that applying previously screened data in business can help brands to easily occupy the hearts of customers.


5 Advantages of Data-Driven Online Marketing: Using Data to Reach Customers’ Minds

Truly understand customer behaviors - Data Driven

  1. Truly understand customer behaviors

The first step is to understand customer insights, behaviors, and preferences so that we can predict the factors that influence customers’ purchasing decisions, and utilize them to develop strategies that respond to customer behaviors. Besides increasing sales, there is an opportunity to turn buyers into brand loyal customers.

Using collected "Data" to improve business and products or services in order to satisfy customers - Data Driven


  1. Using collected “Data” to improve business and products or services in order to satisfy customers

Study the customers’ needs toward the use of products or services, and use them to analyze and improve products or services to fulfill the customer needs. When the customers are satisfied, this will lead to sales generation and repurchasing.

Communication plans can better satisfy target customers - Data Driven

  1. Communication plans can better satisfy target customers

Understand your customers’ preferences and interests in order to design an effective marketing communication plan. Discover what types of content customers are interested in, what they want to read or listen to. The manner in which brands communicate with their customers; formal, semi-formal, or informal will enable brands to position themselves more clearly, as well as learning about customers’ social media behaviors in order to adjust communication time to fit the customers’ needs. As a result, it is not difficult for brands to gain organic engagement from customers.

Improve the ability to make more accurate decisions on online marketing strategies - Data Driven

  1. Improve the ability to make more accurate decisions on online marketing strategies

When we have enough useful customer data, we will be able to determine the market’s direction more quickly and clearly, without wasting time on uncertain directions. For example, what strategies to apply for customer engagement or what types of content will create engagement for the brands. Hence, when we decide to create a marketing strategy, this data will help us to make a better strategy, and more precise decisions in order to achieve our goals faster.

Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness - Data Driven

  1. Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness

When we understand our customers in all dimensions, we will be able to set goals and develop strategies that are efficient and effective. Conversion rate, engagement rate, or ROI will increase because when we know our customers, understand their needs, and pain points, we will be able to create a strategy and marketing campaigns that customers like, which can impact on their purchasing decisions.


For all of the reasons stated above, it can be concluded that Online Marketing in this period is the era of Data Marketing or Data-Driven.
That is why, when it comes to “Data”, no entrepreneur should be disregarded.

If you’re unsure where to start with Data-Driven Online Marketing, contact HelloAds for a consultation! We have a team of experts who can provide advice on data analysis for marketing.

Because customer behavior is rapidly changing. As brand creators or marketers, we must understand consumer insights in order to adjust brand strategies to instantly meet the needs of customers and lead to future sales.


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