#HELLOADSSHARE  Hot Marketing trends in 2022⚡

2022 Hot Marketing trends that every business has to know⚡

When brands start to change their business plans and consumer behavior has changed because of COVID-19, let’s see how the new marketing trend will change and what we have to do in order to survive.🔥

1. An analysis of the target audience’s interest must be more accurate.

Because from the survey result of a relationship between target audience’s interest and online advertising, it shows that Ads that make consumers feel relevant are more likely to make them buy from that brand rather than Ads that are irrelevant to their interests.

Moreover, at the moment due to the PDPA requirements, brands also have to heavily adjust their strategy to adapt to this new rule. Therefore, looking for new strategies becomes something that brands shouldn’t be overlooked!

2. Advertising will spread over various platforms according to interest.

Due to Facebook’s data privacy concerns, it results in a drop of the Facebook advertising accuracy. Pixel installations were previously 70 percent accurate, but now it is only 10-15% accuracy. Therefore, marketers see that only relying on Facebook to target audiences is no longer enough. We should spread the advertisement in other channels appropriately such as Grab, Spotify or Linkedin as well.

3.Generation Z (Gen-Z) will be a large group of consumers who we have to adapt to.

In the online world, Generation Z (Gen-Z) or people aged 9-24 years old is expected to become a large consumer group of the market. Therefore, we should study well about their purchase habits and contents that will convince them to find out more information and decide to buy a product or service in the end.

4. Live broadcasting or Live Shopping will grow further in the online business industry.

Recently, many people may have seen how much attention has been paid to the live sales phenomenon and with the epidemic situation that has not yet been resolved people still need to rely on online shopping a lot. Therefore, marketers believe that in 2022 Live Shopping will not only continue, but also grow exponentially.

5. Various brands will open up their own E-Commerce channels more.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, businesses have been affected so much that many brands have to adapt by opening up their own E-Commerce channel in order to be the owner of their own customer data and use this information to develop sales promotion activities as well as building long-term relationships with customers.

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