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Why are fans influential to Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing? Who are the Influencers?


Have you ever wondered why each brand likes to use influencers to promote their products more and more? What is Influencer Marketing and who exactly is an Influencer?


First of all, let’s get to know Influencer Marketing better. Influencer Marketing is a combination of old and new marketing tools by allowing influencers to advertise through various marketing campaigns which help to promote brands, products, or services to the target group successfully.


Influencers are people who influence the audience’s thought and can make them trust the reviews that they make a quick decision to purchase such as celebrities, artists, or bloggers with high followers

An influencer’s posting behavior will influence clicks and conversions (the number of sales or the process of changing from normal people to actual customers). It also makes the content become more attractive and accessible to the target audience than regular advertisements. Thus, it creates good brand awareness and engagement.

With an increase in social media usage rates of more than 3 hours per day, most of the marketing in Thailand has shifted to more digital platforms. Also, during the past year celebrity influencers are increasingly turning to be content creators in the social media world which result in the increase of the popularity of Influencer Marketing in Thailand.

From the survey, it is found that in Thailand nowadays the imagined couple from the series and movies are the influencers that succeeded in building the loyalty of fans causing the brand to be more popular and have a better response than expected.

How does fan loyalty affect brands and Influencer Marketing?

Due to the loyalty of customers who are fans, the bigger the influencer’s fan base is, the more the brand benefits greatly. Thus, collaborating with influencers becomes one of the effective marketing strategies which it’s suitable for attracting fans and increasing brand value.


From the survey, it is found that customers who are fans will show their passion and admiration for their idols, starting from following through social media, posting some moments to make them become a trend, joining activities between influencers and fans, including purchasing various products that influencers promote or are presenters. 

Therefore, if brands understand and create an activity or event that attracts this customer group, brand awareness will unexpectedly increase. The more an activity allows fans to talk to the influencers, the more the brand wins the hearts of the fans.


Many people may wonder why fans are so dedicated to the influencers. One of the simple reasons is that they are proud of their favorite influencers’ accomplishments. Therefore, they support brands that employ their favorite ones to make the brand feel worthwhile to hire them.

Understand the audience of Y series better to create more effective Influencer Marketing.


Nielson Media Research reveals that 78% of the audience interested in movies are women aged 15 to 45 and 49% of Y series viewers have high purchasing power and are classified as Class A.


In addition, we can divide the audience into 3 groups:

  • Heavy Audience: This group has the largest proportion with 48%. No matter where your favorite Y- actors and the imagined couple go, whatever they do, whatever they sell, fans will always be eager to support because they want their favorite celebrities to be loved.
  • Medium Audience: This group has around 44%. Although they don’t follow every action like the first group, this group has higher income and purchasing power than other groups.
  • Light Audience: This group has the smallest proportion with 8%. Compared to the other groups, this group appears to be trend-following. They will keep up with the trending trends and make their influencers more and more popular.

We will see that these groups of fans are very powerful. They are very important customers. No matter what the imagined couple do, fans are always ready to support. For example, if a brand’s product appears in the Y series, it can be remembered among fans easily. This does not include organizing various events that fans will come together to support.

For these reasons, if marketers understand the behavior of the target audience who are fans of Y series, their brands will become a trend and reach a lot of people. Consequently, the campaign through Influencer Marketing will be even more effective.

If anyone is interested in doing Influencer Marketing, you can contact and ask for more information with HelloAds, an online marketing specialist.

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