The era has changed! The fashion business began to adapt, increasing the standing of plus size women in the era of Real Size Beauty.

In the past 2021, the Real Size Beauty campaign from Anne Ann Chile Scott-Kemis Miss Universe Thailand 2021 made a new definition of beauty widely talked about in Thailand so it can be believed that at present probably no one will ever know this word again.

Real Size Beauty is a definition that makes people proud of their differences, especially plus size women who tend to be saddened by those around them on a regular basis. This is another good positive energy that helps inspire people a lot. It’s the same as October 6th, National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

Today was held to celebrate plus size people both men and women across the United States to emphasize that all body sizes are equally beautiful and help increase encouragement to people that no matter what the puppet is can be beautiful in its own way so everyone can be proud and confident.

Back in the 1920s, Lane Bryant was the first brand to start selling clothes for plus size girls. Although people around the world are not as interested as today, the brand has been well received from plus size girls. And it’s a good start to create a stand for plus size people.

Years later, the world has changed a lot, including people’s attitudes becoming more aware of their differences, causing businesses in the fashion industry to start adding more sizes and begin to have plus size models to advertise for various products.


Define beauty in various ways in today’s fashion world.

Previously, the space for plus size models in Asia was almost non-existent. It’s quite difficult for people with plus size figures to buy clothes, but nowadays people have turned to pay more attention to differences and diversity, no matter the gender, skin color, or body size of people. The awareness of equality therefore increases accordingly especially in the fashion industry.

This is evident from the Victoria’s Secret brand, which is demanded by people all over the world because most of these Victorian Angels being thin and fair-skinned may be framing the norm. This makes most women feel that they are unable to reach the definition of beauty, therefore, the brand was heavily criticized over the years.

Nowadays people pay more attention to this difference. If any brand pays attention to plus size people which is a group of people who have been overlooked before, that brand will receive a very positive response, such as in New York Fashion Week for the spring and summer of 2022, the Christian Siriano brand uses a variety of models from plus size models to black models that make people are talking about this brand until it becomes a popular trend in the social world because it shows the importance of individual differences.

Did you know the plus size clothing business continues to flourish in the Thai market?

During the past 2-3 years Plus size fashion clothing business, including big brands and small brands keep growing. Online stores are very busy. This change is a result of plus size girls who dare to dress according to their own style with more confidence.

Coresight Research, an insights firm focused on retail and technology, reveals that the global plus size clothing market has grown steadily, reaching 20.7% of the total women’s clothing market and market value of plus size clothing still worth up to 20,400 million US dollars.

Additionally, the survey found that more than 70% of Gen Z consumers want each brand to carry more plus size clothing to meet the needs of everyone. These are very good signs of market growth.


Learn success from famous brands! How to stand out in front of competitors in the Real Size Beauty market?

In addition to the successful fashion industry from increasing clothing sizes or there are more plus size models to promote the product. There are other businesses successful through changing the brand image as well.

In Thailand, it can be seen from Mistine, a famous cosmetic brand which has adjusted the global image with a more diverse definition of beauty to penetrate the Gen Z market, a new generation of young people whose views on beauty have changed, Mistine has shifted from promoting through famous female celebrities at the forefront of the industry become a group of normal people, which are white people, dark skin, good shape or plus size bodies instead.

Mistine’s transformation has been very positive, especially the Gen Z people who appreciate the brand that have the courage to adjust the new image to keep up with the ever-changing era.

In addition to Mistine, Dove is a hair and body care brand which recognizes the importance of true beauty therefore started using ordinary women to promote the brand through telling stories that helps to build confidence in many women mainly in advertising campaigns.

Therefore, if brands want to adapt to the times and attract new customers, brands should always be assertive and focused on events, whether it’s about Real Size Beauty or other changes.

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