Praivech Clinic

Praivech Clinic is a Chinese Medicine clinic which is up to the standard of the Ministry of Public Health. It has been opened for 16 years since 2002. The services include Acupuncture, Cupping Therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Providing advice on health care with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Consulting on health problems.




Google Ads


Client required an improvement in Performance due to the fact that they wanted to focus more on Lead which was not the expertise of the previous agency so they decided to apply Google Ads service of Helloads to improve the Performance.


The goals that client wanted to achieve were more patients, more people who wanted to apply for the service or even people who contacted to ask for more information whether through website, calling, adding Line or Facebook Inbox.


Work Process


  1. Set Up Campaign. We set up the structure of the Campaign by a unique technique of Helloads in order to access every stage in the Customer Journey of the target group. Budgets were constantly allocated to suit the circumstances and outcomes at that time so that we could get the most effective result based on the client’s budget.
  2. Tracking. We tracked in order to check the Performance and collect information for the Optimization. By working directly and closely with Google combined with HelloAds tracking technique, we were able to collect information that was comprehensive and effective. As the information was collected systematically, we were able to analyze and apply it in the Optimization more precisely which resulted in the increase of the Ads Performance.
  3. Keywords. After we had enough information from the Structure and Tracking technique, we filtered keywords and used AI as well as our expert to optimize the ads. We got rid of the ineffective keywords and sent the ads to the group of people who tended to generate Lead through AI so that it reached people who were interested in acupuncture or Chinese Medicine.It resulted that Lead constantly increased.



This was an example of the Performance which was run by Helloads unique technique.


For Google 


From the graph, it was clearly seen that the number of Click and Conversion constantly increased and as time passed by they still increased. As the campaign ran for a long time, it resulted that the AI and the expert had more information to optimize. The decision in the campaign whether allocating the budget, setting up the campaign structure or filtering keywords was more precise. The Ads Performance increased because the clinic got a quality user that led to more Conversion.


The graph of Click (Blue) and the graph of Conversion (Red) varied accordingly. The Click tended to create high Conversion which showed that a unique technique of HelloAds and the expert were highly successful in delivering a quality work to our beloved client. HelloAds understands that every use of the client’s budget is valuable so we pay attention to every detail of the ads in order to get the best results.


Traffic and Conversion Segment For Google in each channel


From the pie chart, it was clearly presented that in this case Traffic from the Google Ads was lower than the Organic one due to the limited budget and due to the fact that the client changed the strategy to focus more on the number of Lead. Therefore, the focus was changed to quality users who came into the website through a unique technique of HelloAds as mentioned above. It is clearly seen that although Traffic which sent to the website was lower, the quality of Conversion or Lead was more effective as the number of Lead mainly increased from Google Ads (Google / CPC).


This is the evidence which clearly shows that clients who apply Google Ads service with HelloAds will be taken care of and receive close attention to every campaign to achieve the best performance. With HelloAds unique technique and a team of experts, the quality work is created. In this case, the Conversion and the Engagement on the website was 57.4%. Users from the Google Ads were more likely to become a customer which showed that User and Traffic that were sent had high quality. 

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