Donki Mall Thonglor opened its grand opening for the first time in Thailand on February 22, 2019 under the concept of "Food, Fun, Culture & Amusement Mall". This department store is open 24 hours and has a large number of imported products from Japan in a 6-storey building with more than 300 parking spaces. This department store became very popular in a short time because it is unique, as if bringing Japan to the heart of Bangkok.



DONKI Mall Thonglor


Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Video


Feb 2019 – April 2019

Client wants to promote Donki Mall, Thonglor, a newly opened famous Japanese department store. Thus, we have presented an Online Marketing Plan as follows: building brand awareness through Content by using Facebook Ads to help spread awareness and using Google Ads to offer Location for a new place to eat and travel which is unique and interesting in Thonglor, that is, Donki Mall Thonglor.


From the online marketing plan that we plan for Donki Mall Thonglor, it will focus on creating awareness mostly because the client’s objective is to do online marketing in order to use in the opening of the Donki Mall Thonglor.

Thus, we have used Facebook Ads to promote the page to focus on increasing the number of Likes because at that time we need to increase the customer base on the page so that when new promotions are released, it will be easier for people to see or in case they are already a loyal fan of Facebook’s page, they will be able to see the promotion. This makes the client not have to pay for advertising in promotion or boost posts, therefore increasing the number of followers or likes is considered to be one of the accumulation of a customer base.

When we use ‘Reach Ads’ for the client to announce when the Donki Mall Thonglor department store will be open, this will help people get excited and want to visit this new mall. Thus, we have used infographics and videos to provide information about important landmarks within the department store.

For the Awareness Funnel, we primarily use social media like Facebook to reach people. Later, for the Interest Funnel and Lead Funnel, we use Google Ads and Google My Business to reach more people to promote people who are interested in traveling to this department store properly.

In addition, in terms of Google Ads, we have also used a structure to suit every customer journey in terms of Awareness, Interest and Lead, by focusing on both a group of people who do not have a goal of going shopping anywhere and a group of people who want to go shopping directly at Donki Mall Thonglor. The work of Ads will begin when people search in Google Search, where they can click from Ads to the client’s website or ask for Location to the department store.

Including, when people search for shopping malls on Google Map, they will see advertisements of the client and can request a location to travel to the mall straight away. These are Online to Offline Drive Store Visite strategies, which are one of techniques that we have used and received good feedback.



  • As for Ads Performance, we have focused on Interest and Lead by using Facebook Ads to drive Awareness sales and using Google Ads to get people to click through to the client’s website or request a location to the client’s department store immediately.
  • In terms of Awareness, we have used keywords that are a bit broad, such as Department stores in the Thonglor area, etc., in order to increase the proportion in Market Share and to promote people who are looking for department stores in this area to choose this mall as their first choice. This helps to attract more people walking in nearby to visit this mall of the client.
  • With our specific techniques to Set Up and Optimize our campaigns, it can reach people quickly. From the graph, it can be seen that there are similar clicks and searches, resulting in a very small gap between both graphs. This means that the ads we release match what our target audience is looking for because if it doesn’t match, the Impression graph will be far from the number of Clicks, therefore this graph is important evidence that proves the Online Marketing Plan that we have planned for this time is successful.
  • As for Content Performance, we want to attract a large number of people to participate. Thus, we offer creative content and focus on providing important details. The contents that come out are effective and clear and complete.

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