Nongpho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative Ltd. (Under the Royal Patronage) was established on 15 April 1971. At present, it is a cooperative that distributes “cow milk” products received from the members of the cooperative such as UHT milk, milk tablet, milk ice cream, including recruiting distributors in various areas.





Content, Facebook Page Management, Facebook Ads, Shopee, Mascot Design, Website


2017 – 2019

In the beginning, Nongpho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative Ltd. (Under the Royal Patronage) sold UHT milk only on an offline platform. However, as online marketing started to play a big role in society, influencing on customer’s decision, sales and customer service that made customers feel more comfortable with the cooperative. Therefore, Helloads stepped up to be responsible for the online platform. We created content to gain awareness, reach and interaction from the customers. We sent advertisements to both old and new target groups. We designed a mascot in different gestures and different outfits for important festivals in order to be more reachable for the customers. We also took part in Facebook Page Management, interacting, suggesting and taking care of the customers so that they felt more satisfied with the cooperative and felt more confident in drinking Nong Pho milk. Moreover, we suggested the cooperative to open a shop on an online platform like Shopee in order to increase the opportunities to sell. Consequently, the direction of the cooperative on an online platform was clearer. An offline platform received a positive impact from being able to promote sales, to find distributors from all over the country,  and to open a Learning Center for children, school and people who were interested in learning about dairy farming from the cooperative.



  • Page Organic Like increased by 41,306 Like which was considered as a 169% growth.
  • Page Engagement in every month grew more than 100%. There were customers who commented and shared their experience, including always posting their children’s photo when they drank milk.
  • Page Reach in every month grew more than 100%.
  • Customers were satisfied and confident in the cooperative because of the consistency of the admin page’s interaction and care.
  • There were people from all over the country who showed interest and applied for being distributors through a franchise page.
  • There were sales in Shopee since the first month that it opened.

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Reach is increasing every month.



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