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The client encountered the problem with the old digital marketing agency, so we have the opportunity to consult and plan online marketing, including having a meeting to discuss KPIs that are expected to be possible together with the client.



Raja Ferry Port Public Company Limited


Google Ads, Taboola Ads, Line Ads


March 2020 – May 2021

The client encountered the problem with the old digital marketing agency, so we have the opportunity to consult and plan online marketing, including having a meeting to discuss KPIs that are expected to be possible together with the client. It was concluded that the client wants people to make bookings and contact to buy tickets and buy various package tours, so we have created an online marketing plan to offer which focuses on choosing a channel to promote the right products and services, both in terms of Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Line Ads Platform for the client because these channels match the client’s target and are also suitable for generating leads as well.

We have divided the working steps as follows:

  1. Online Marketing Plan for Google Ads, We have created a campaign structure in the form of a secret technique unique to HelloAds for every journey so that the target audience can easily find it. No matter what stage of the customer journey we are in, we have tracked to measure the effectiveness of the campaign, structure, keywords and text ads in order to keep the Audience List for use in the optimization process as well, which will help understand the results that have various powerful without the need to increase the advertising budget again.
  2. For the Line Ads channel, we have planned the Online Marketing as follows: the first part is Traffic which focuses on conversions on the website and the other part that has been well received is Line Gain Friend Ads which are Ads that we will lose money only when someone adds friends in LINE because most Thai people use Line to communicate until ordering products, therefore, we recommend that the client uses this channel to find more leads.
  3. For the Facebook Ads channel, which is the main social media channel that most people use. Thus, it can be regarded as another channel that is indispensable in online marketing. For Facebook, we have planned online marketing as follows: creating conversions on the website and using Facebook Pixel, including Google Analytics to measure Performance and we have brought AI to help generate conversions to overlap another layer to ensure that this objective will be successful as we have planned. In addition, the Objective Inbox is also used to find target groups who are interested in buying a Package Tour, but it is inconvenient to go to the website to order according to the system as well, with the Customer Behavior of many Thai people who like to talk to Admin first in order to ask for information and check credibility before making a purchase decision. Therefore, selling tours through Inbox is another channel that should not be missed, but this channel will be successful, not only for Set Up Ads, but the Admin must have a good Service Mind to recommend and talk to the target audience.



Some of the performance examples achieved by working with HelloAds unique techniques.

For Google Channel

According to our online marketing plan, you can see that both clicks and conversions keep increasing, clearly going in a better direction, but our team thinks the campaign can go further. In the beginning, you can see that the gap between clicks and conversions is quite a bit different. The distance between the two lines means that the clicker might not be as accurate as the target audience because if someone clicks in, the conversion is not as high or as high as the ratio of clicks. This is a good sign that the structure we have put in is working correctly because the number of conversions and clicks fluctuate with each other, so we use our unique optimization technique to see that there is a small gap between the number of clicks and conversions go down and in the same direction until finally able to make a New High, this is a clear evidence that shows that the Online Marketing Plan for Google Ads that we put in place works well as the team intended.

For the Facebook Ads channel

We have brought up Inbox as an example. We have predicted that in 2020 – 2021, Cost per Inbox will surely be more expensive because Facebook is harder to do Ads and more people flock to Facebook advertising services, causing Cost per Inbox to increase according to the competition rate as well. We predict that the cost per Inbox should be in the range of 50 – 100 baht for buying a Package Tour, but with the techniques and attention of the team, we can make the Cost per Inbox as low as 34.22 baht only, which is considered a reasonable price much better than expected. In addition, we also use techniques to test Target, Expand Target from Audience on Fan Page from Website, including testing to change new Artwork to test out new promotions to motivate target groups, resulting in us being able to make difficult things as simple as that, and this is another proof of the Online Marketing Plan for Facebook Ads that HelloAds has designed and operated for.

For the Line Ads Platform channel or LAP

We would like to give you an example of the Line Gain Friend Campaign. Normally, the Benchmark Cost Per Gain Friend or the cost per 1 person who adds friends will be 20 -25 baht in 2020 and 30 baht in 2021, but with setting and optimization techniques combined with a lot of testing both in terms of target and artwork, including promotion that the way the client had cooperated and supported as well, allowing us to control the Cost Per Gain Friend at a price of only 13.99, which from the table will write that CPC because for Platform LAP, Cost Per Gain Friend will refer to CPC instead, meaning that we can make the price cheaper than the minimum price that Line has recommended a lot, which means that the Online Marketing Plan for the LAP Gain Friend Campaign can be successfully executed beautifully as well with the specific techniques of the team and effective management within the organization. This makes every team able to focus on the work fully and quickly, resulting in the results that come out to guarantee the success of HelloAds itself.

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